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Sourcery Discworld 5 by Terry Pratchett. Sourcery Discworld, 5; Rincewind 3 3. When last seen, the singularly inept wizard Rincewind had fallen off the edge of the world. Now magically, he's turned up again, and this time he's brought the Luggage. But that's not all Once upon a time, there was an eighth son of an eighth son who was, of course, a wizard. As if that wasn't complicated enough, said wizard then had seven sons. And then he had an eighth When last seen, the singularly inept wizard Rincewind had fallen off the edge of the world. And then he had an eighth son -- a wizard squared that's all the math, really.

Who of course, was a source of magic -- a sourcerer. Mass Market Paperback , pages. Published April by Harper first published Discworld 5 , Discworld - Rincewind series 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Sourcery , please sign up. I hope I am not going to miss anything this way?

Gina It's technically the fifth book, but it's the third Rincewind book, so you don't have to worry about missing out on anything. Does anyone know if this is the last book with Rincewind? Or does he appear again later in the Disneyworld novels? I will never get used to how it changes words.

Yes discworld not Disneyworld. See all 3 questions about Sourcery….

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Lists with This Book. Mar 26, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: This is going to sound rather critical despite my rating, but I feel like I ought to be rather honest. The basic over-story is pretty good, as is the action and most of the humor, but there was still swaths of text that felt like it was trying too hard. More funny, more witty, more like Color of Magic than Color of Magic. It wasn't just Rincewind, who I always loved. Rincewind reminds me of Schmendrick from LeGuin's Last Unicorn, only he really doesn't have any magic at all.

Sourcery : (Discworld Novel 5)

And yet, his wh This is going to sound rather critical despite my rating, but I feel like I ought to be rather honest. And yet, his whose sense of identity and action is still totally in line with being a wizard, and he even puts everything on the line for it. I even liked Nijel the Barbarian and Conina the Hairdresser and the Sapient Pearwood Chest is always a delight, but other than a good smattering of good scenes with all of them, I kept stopping the book and wondering if it would ever get on with it. The adventure seemed good, but it was really focused on the zingers just a tad too much and I got tired of them.

Even so, it was mostly pretty awesome as Pratchett usually is. As an afterthought, I was thinking about Rincewind in relations to Pratchett, himself. I was thinking that maybe Pratchett was Rincewind. As a writer, it's always about faking it until you make it. Keep with the decision and call yourself what you will be.

Believe it and move mountains, just like Rincewind. And then there's also the hallmark self-depreciation, the humor. There was that really big inspiration, that one unique idea that hit Rincewind with great fanfare View all 5 comments.

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Sep 05, Lyn rated it liked it. First published in , this is another Rincewind novel and centers around the Discworld phenomena of the eighth son of an eighth son — of an eighth son!! Pratchett populates this entry with many familiar characters such as The Librarian, Nijel the Destroyer and Conina the Hairdresser, daughter of Cohen the Barbarian, the luggage and, of course, Death. Not as outrageously or uproariously funny as the previous four, this is still good fun and a worthwhile visit with Sir Terry.

View all 9 comments. Oct 21, Paul O'Neill rated it really liked it. Best one so far!! Apr 19, Lindsay rated it liked it. Back to the Pratchett reread after skipping Mort. I love Mort, but I can just about recite it at this point; I didn't need to reread it. On the Discworld the eighth son of an eighth son is a wizard and that would normally be the end of that. But if that wizard also has sons then his eighth son is a sourcerer, a source of magic of Disc-shattering power.

Our hero from the first two books in the Discworld series, Rincewind, returns with a young sourcerer arriving at Unseen University. Events after Back to the Pratchett reread after skipping Mort. Events after that see the Discworld facing the Apocralypse with only Rincewind and his companions to stand in the way. This book is widely acknowledged to be a lesser work in the series, and just from the point of view of reading them one after the other, it's probably seen worse because of how great the previous three books are.

It's probably still better than The Colour of Magic , but lacks that book's feature of introducing the reader to the Discworld. For me this is largely because I don't find Rincewind to be a particularly interesting character, but there's a problem with a lack of care around just about every character in this book for me.

Although that being said, I liked that the Luggage gets a character arc. As for the character of Conina, I see where he was going here, but I really have to direct people to Tansy Rayner Roberts excellent essay series on Pratchett's Women. View all 3 comments. May 07, Gary rated it liked it Shelves: Maybe I am tiring of this series.

Maybe this book really was slow. Whatever the case is, I had a difficult time getting into it. The humour was sometimes engaging and sometimes forced. It almost felt like the author was following the formula that had worked in previous books and reproducing it mechanically rather than spontaneously. It reminded me of a musical band that has had a couple of hit songs and decided that since they want to make money, they better reproduce the next song with the exac Maybe I am tiring of this series. It reminded me of a musical band that has had a couple of hit songs and decided that since they want to make money, they better reproduce the next song with the exact formula.

Yet the next one is never as good as the original. As I said, it could just be me. I may be tiring of this series. It could also be that this author had periods where he lacked inspiration, or his mind wasn't completely in his writing, but he pushed through and wrote anyway. That's what this book felt like to me. View all 10 comments. Jun 29, Chris rated it it was ok Shelves: I hate rating this low, but I have to be honest. I spent more time counting off pages to completion than I did on reading it. There were some really funny parts and snippets of awesome. But in the end, it just wasn't connecting with me.

It took me a month to finish. Still, I certainly didn't dislike it. I'm just hoping to get more hooked on the series before too much longer Jul 29, Audrey rated it liked it Shelves: Here we have the third book featuring Rincewind and the Luggage. The plot of this story is secondary to the quirkiness of the characters and the settings. Magic and some spoofing off the Arabian Nights. I was getting a little tired of it by the end.

But it was still funny, and I found some favorite bits to quote: CATS, he said eventually. They always get it wrong. The premise, as much as you can call it that, is the story of an eighth son of an eighth son of an eighth son. He was, quite naturally, a wizard. Sourcery died out on the Disc thousands of years ago. Magic has become old and lazy and life is calm. With a new source of sourcery the very Disc itself is in danger of being ripped apart. Step forward Rincewind, prize coward and once more the Disc's unlikely saviour, with the help of the hairdressing daughter of Cohen the Barbarian, The Luggage and Nigel, first son of a Greengrocer but barbarian in training.

Apart from that, he was nothing more than a comma on the page of History. It's sad, but that's all you can say about some people.

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But after five books that almost all feature him in some way I'm pretty much fed up with him and the recycled jokes that go along with him. I remembered the boy wizard Coin as the reason why I disliked this book on first read but this time it became apparent that it wasn't his fault at all, it was Conina and Nigel and Creosote, the pointless threesome that seemed to exist solely as a running joke without driving the narrative. Another point of annoyance is that Pratchett only acknowledges the previous instalments when it suits him, the reintroduction of Twoflower's luggage for example whereas he completely ignores the fact that Rincewind has met Death several times previously for the sake of reusing a lame joke.

It isn't a good idea to rely on other people or things to do it for you, you see. In case you haven't been following my rereading of the Discworld, this time through I am using the audiobooks to exercise with to surprisingly good effect. Exercising to this is hard work, it's just not interesting enough, or funny enough, my mind certainly isn't distracted from the tedium of exercise that's for sure.

I always marked this as my least favourite Discworld and nothing has changed in the past 10 years. Bring on Wyrd Sisters! View all 13 comments. This is the 5th Discworld book and the 3rd with Rincewind. He's not exactly a main character though, or at least not the only one. You see, we already know from the 3rd novel that the eighth son of an eighth son is predestined to become a wizard, but here we discover what happens if that eighth son of an eighth son then goes on and has an eighth son as well - the boy becomes a wizard squared, a sourcerer.

However, as you will This is the 5th Discworld book and the 3rd with Rincewind. Thus we are thrown into a turmoil, a quest to a number of corners of the Discworld with Rincewind, Luggage, Conina and, later, Nijel. Because though their adventure starts out more or less as a way of running away from the upcoming war, they will have to find a solution or the entire Discworld will be destroyed not to mention the trouble about the Gods.

I don't know what it is, but for some reason Rincewind isn't really all that funny. In general, but especially here. There is only so many times I can sympathize with the old bloke who wants to be a wizard more than anything even without the faintest talent. Luggage only had one sort-of funny scene here, too when it got drunk. And although the sexism about Conina has got to have been deliberate probably why view spoiler [she fell in love with the guy who wanted to be like her dad but failed miserably, making her more the image of a barbarian despite the good looks she got from her mother hide spoiler ] , it couldn't make me laugh either.

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In fact, I'm sad to say that I didn't laugh while reading this book. There were a lot of topics thrown in for good measure like Norse mythology, tales from Nights, as well as a tip of the hat, pun fully intended, to Frank Herbert's Dune. Maybe a bit too much in fact. So I can see why many say that this is one of the weakest in the entire series.

View all 6 comments. Oct 09, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: Why did I give this two stars the first time I read it? I have no idea.

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The whole thing with the library made me cry. I need a banana. Rincewind faces his most horrible situation yet. A pretty woman and a magic hat. An entertaining story and the typical, occasional very clever and funny observation about the world and things. Feb 05, Simcha Wood rated it really liked it.

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  • Sourcery, the fifth book in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, marks his first real triumph. Like the previous book in the series, Mort , Sourcery builds on the humor of the first several books in the series and adds to it a depth of empathy and narrative prowess. Terry Pratchett fired the world's imagination with his hilarious and surreal, but deeply human, Discworld series. The beloved fantasy writer sadly died in We use cookies on this site and by continuing to browse it you agree to us sending you cookies.

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