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How will you know you mattered?

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But, now that he has died, he cowers in the darkness. Could it be Hell? The Long Journey Home. A hound dog for a best friend. Will Jake escape his abusive father and learn to trust those who try to help him? Product details File Size: June 30, Publication Date: June 30, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The Family Freeloader is packed with insights on how to deal with those people in our lives who don't pull their own weight and want us to feel guilty and responsible for solving their problems. This book tells us, with plenty of scriptural backup, what God really expects of us in these relationships, and who is and is not deserving of our help and pity.

I am pushing 50, and I wish there had been a book like this 30 years ago.

After suffering all my adult life with guilt feelings for not helping, and, in some cases, not having any contact with, my abusive or irresponsible relatives and we know who induced the guilt button in us in the first place, don't we? I wish everyone with abusive or irresponsible "friends" or relatives would read this book. If you are younger than I am, reading this book may help you find this peace earlier in life. But remember, it is never too late! Reinforced for me that I need to just Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Loads of real world examples to illustrate the truths Sister Renee is speaking about.

Reinforced for me that I need to just trust my gut when I get that feeling around someone I have the opposite problem with my life.


Adult children that have learned to manipulate family and the system. I have say it has scriptures that help give me piece in this time. Bless you Sister Pittelli. One person found this helpful. This book is written by a strong willed person so her thinking is much bolder than a lot of people would be. I did learn one good tip was how freeloaders start off with small gestures to see how you react and continue to get worse as time goes on. It sounds like they are feeling you out. I don't have any people as extreme as she describes in her book but there are some tips worth noting.

This is a must read for those who have freeloaders roaming through their families. Once you realize that you're "being had" it is a simple matter of taking action to put the freeloaders where they should be - in the work force or suffer the consequences. Don't let the freeloaders put you on a guilt trip just because you have "made it" through blood, sweat, and tears and they have opted to live off your caring self.

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  4. Bite the bullet and say "No more" and don't look back. But it must be done. Wonderful book and common sense advice. This book is enlightening and funny. You will see almost any freeloader that you have ever known in this book! This is a wonderful book if you need biblical answers for the sob stories, con games and lazy freeloaders in your life.

    The author presents testimonies which will help the reader recognize the freeloader's schemes.

    Family Freeloader

    If you even suspect one person in your life as being a freeloader, the strategies Sister Pittelli tells you will help to point to what the bible says concerning freeloaders. The secret to overcoming the freeloader's schemes is to please God so that you do not carry guilt, which makes us want to help freeloaders. This helpful book is written with humor, wisdom, and much needed common sense.

    You will be able to recognize ploys, what traits freeloaders look for, sneaky tactics they use, 21 ways to spot a con artist and so much more! If you are a people pleaser, reading this book will teach you how to avoid being taken advantage of by freeloaders of society. May you be blessed by reading this book. She insisted that she was never going to speak to any of them again. Her response to my suggestion was to indignantly insist that nobody expected that of her.

    It has to stay that way forever. Entertaining her is their JOB! They have to keep giving and giving, while she keeps taking and taking. Abusers always insist on maintaining the same rigid family roles that have benefited them all their lives. Why would they want to change anything? Most folks do Christmas shopping. Rhonda does Christmas conning.

    She will wait until the week before Christmas, and then she will choose her mark, usually a kind-hearted church lady or elderly neighbor. This is the set-up. I just needed some prayer…. After all, why waste a perfectly good scam by only using it one time? You see, Rhonda pigeonholed one mark after church last week, and another one this week. Never one to miss an opportunity, she conned one person before church and someone else after church.

    Sometimes, along with living a lie and continually having to fake poverty in order to sponge off others, comes a unique kind of paranoia. If you happen to mention that her kids look cute, she will immediately start explaining that she bought their outfits at the thrift shop for five dollars……. There are many benefits to teamwork.

    Two sets of friends and relatives to con. Double the amount of fake illnesses, disabilities, job losses, and hard-luck stories. The ability to compliment each other and combine two sets of talents for eliciting sympathy and guilt from others. And the credibility of having another person to back up your tall tales.

    They needed the rental income. They were happy to rent it to relatives because they thought they were getting good tenants. Throw her sister and her family out on the street? But during that time, they bought a NEW, not used, car, took vacations every year, and had yet another baby. But poor Stephanie was in for a big disappointment.

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    Beaming with glee and expecting her daughter to jump for joy, she explained to Erica that she had saved up some money for her wedding. For a moment there was silence as Erica looked it over. Stephanie thought that maybe she was in shock, and it would take a few seconds to absorb what it was. You might even admire his courage and moral fortitude in the face of such adversity. Oh, pul-leaze, cry me a river!

    FAMILY FREELOADERS- Sob Stories,Con Games,&Never Getting Off The Couch

    Most narcissists trot out their sob stories just for attention. They want you to feel sorry for them, and they thrive on being the center of attention. They will do whatever it takes to stay center-stage. But the sociopathic schnorrer, on the other hand, tells his tales of woe with yet another purpose in mind. He wants more from you than mere attention.

    He wants favors, invitations, gifts, or money. Are you a little surprised that I consider freeloaders to be sociopaths? Then, they take it one step further by having absolutely no conscience and no remorse for the hurt they cause you, even if they break up your marriage, ruin your credit, and destroy your life. And she will also be sure to trash you to anyone who will listen. There will be no appreciation for all the favors you did for her in the past- only anger at your refusal to accommodate her current request.

    She will get her message of resentment across to you with blatant emotional blackmail. You have some nerve not giving her whatever she wants! The Bible teaches us that we are to give cheerfully, not out of compulsion or because of pressure. Sisters and Brothers, I would imagine that if you were cheerful about the idea of continuing to subsidize your schnorrer, you would not be reading this book.