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La Foi - Article en plusieurs parties - Partie 1. Le Supramental et la Vie Divine.

Prédateur Spirituel – Prem Rawat alias Maharaji

Laissez venir le flou autour de vos doigts et observez de loin.. Laissez simplement le flou grandir en ignorant le reste. On ne le trouve pas couramment.

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Et - qui sait? L'art et la vie: Entretien avec Jean-Marie Pelt. Sommes-nous au contraire les enfants que le cosmos attendait? Le scientifique en moi exige des preuves rationnelles. Timothy Leary, a huge influence on Robert Anton Wilson, developed the 8 Brain Circuits of Consciousness during his experimental procedures to re-program a person's mind trough the use of LSD. Take a look at the Circuits below and ask yourself which one you reside in This circuit is said to have first appeared in the earliest evolution of the invertebrate brain.

It is the first to be activated in an infant's mind. Leary says this circuit is stimulated by opioid drugs. This circuit introduces a one-dimensional perception: This circuit appeared first in vertebrate animals. In humans, it is activated when the child learns to walk. Leary associates this circuit with alcohol. This circuit introduces a second dimension, up-down, linked with territorial politics and tribal power games up, as in swelling ones body in size to represent dominance, and down, as in the cowering, tail-between-the-legs submissive stance.

Leary said this circuit first appeared when hominids started differentiating from the rest of the primates. Leary believed this circuit is stimulated by caffeine, cocaine, and other stimulants. This circuit introduces the third dimension, left and right, related to the development of dextrous movement and handling "artefacts".


This circuit is concerned with operating within social networks and the transmission of culture across time. This circuit is said to have first appeared with the development of tribes.

Marthe Robin, une vie si fragile mais si féconde

Leary never associated a drug with it. The lack of knowledge about the cause and mechanism of these drugs, as well as lack of a method to stimulating their production, would explain their non-mention in his works. It allows one to see things in multi-dimensional space instead of the 4 dimensions of Euclidean space-time, and is there to aid in the future exploration of outer space. It is said to have first appeared with the development of leisure-class civilizations around BC.

It is associated with hedonism and eroticism. Leary says this circuit is stimulated by cannabis and tantric yoga, or simply by experiencing the sensation of free fall at the right time.

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It is also called "metaprogramming" or "consciousness of abstracting". Leary says this circuit enables telepathic communication, and that this circuit is impossible to explain to those who have only left-brain activity and is difficult to explain to those with active fifth circuits. It is said to have appeared in BC, in connection with the Silk Road. Leary associates this circuit with peyote and psilocybin. It is connected to memories of past lives, the Akashic Records, and the collective unconscious, and allows for essential immortality in humans. This circuit first appeared among Hindu and Sufi sects in the early first millennium.

If you are still in the first 4, do not feel bad. Most humans never escape the second She is also the author of The Mind Chronicles: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light.

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She teach classes with her partner and co author Gerry Clow. Is ET a part of the Global Conspiracy? We end talking about where the knowledge that is contained in the Mayan Calendar came from, the Pleiadians, who they are and what kind of Relationship we have with them. Le dernier retournement a eu lieu, au sein de votre gorge.

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Sachez simplement que le moment est maintenant. Il est en cours. Nous vous remercions de votre accueil. Soyez attentifs, plus que jamais, aux signes de vos propres Vibrations, avant tout, et aussi en vos cieux. Je termine sur ces mots: Nous souhaitons partager ces informations en toute transparence. Merci blog chemin de vie. Article complet dans http: Cosmologie quantique, confirmations empiriques? Le temps n'existe pas. Merci pour ta venue. Mais que je subirai toujours. Moi en tous cas je ne le fais pas.

Mais ils suivaient avec sympathie. Ah oui, ah oui!

Gary Chapman, le pasteur qui explore la carte du Tendre

On va en parler je crois. Ce serait vrai pour les communistes, les gens de gauche. Pas pour la droite. Non il faut y revenir. Euh, bah ouais ouais. La conscience des foules. Euh oui en effet dans ces derniers textes…. Bon on ne va pas ramasser leurs objections. Faudrait se baisser trop bas. Non, non, au contraire. Je vais dire ceci: Je connais mal Fichte. Je ne le dis jamais. Et si ce rapport est permanent?

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