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Huldai at advantage among definite voters while Zamir has more support among the undecided.

But on Tuesday, years after first election, the popular municipal head faces what may be his closest battle yet with his deputy of a decade, Assaf Zamir, running against him in a race that unexpectedly tightened in the run up to election day. Some polls in the lead-up to the vote had him less than 10 percent behind the seasoned Huldai. Dahlia Cooper, 74, a resident of north Tel Aviv, said she would be voting for Huldai for the fourth time.

He did a lot for this city. The city is beautiful now, it used to not be like this. It is a real metropolis.

Tel Aviv celebrated as gay hotspot

A lot of young people want to live here. He has good values and he is not corrupt. Huldai was born in on Kibbutz Hulda in central Israel, which gave the family its name. He had a long career in the army and was principal of the prestigious Herzliya Gymnasium high school in Tel Aviv for six years, before becoming mayor in He is more than just a politician, also being an intellectual and an unrivalled manager in Israel.

In , he received the keys of a city that was on the brink of bankruptcy, and he cleaned up the accounts, tidied up the streets and attracted technological companies. Today, Tel Aviv, with , inhabitants, represents the modern and European face of Israel. It is, however, a city that has for decades suffered the terrorism methods that have only recently started to threaten large urban centers such as Paris or Berlin.

Why was it so important for convenience stores to remain open during Sabbath? Why is it so important to Tel Aviv? Spain is a Catholic country. I believe on Sunday you have some stores open.

Interview: Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv

Our day of rest is Sabbath, not Sunday. We have to rest one day a week, but still we need to enjoy ourselves.

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It was part of life in Israel that some small supermarkets were open. When you become an Orthodox and take everything to extremes, you want me to live the way you live. And that is not right.

In Tel Aviv, upstart deputy gives mayor first real scare in decades

Once it becomes part of the law, then it bothers them. In Israel, changes always start in Tel Aviv. This city is a model of the Zionist vision: In Israel, Tel Aviv is a model of freedom.

You can see Gay Pride celebrations, you can see all types of minorities. But is this really the beginning of a change in all of Israel, or are we seeing a division between the coast and the interior, Jerusalem? When something happens in Tel Aviv, everybody knows about it in Israel. Huldai’s Example eBook: Owen Sheridan: Kindle Store

I believe that Tel Aviv educates Israeli society. In the whole of the Middle East there is not a city like it. And there is a lot of attention that is focused on Tel Aviv. That has attracted a lot of threats from the Islamic world. Has this made the city more vulnerable? The main issue is Israel in the Middle East. But in Israel, Palestinian terrorist attacks are more much effective when they succeed in hitting the heart of Tel Aviv.

I once heard a US analyst say that a rocket falling in Tel Aviv was like a rocket falling over Paris…. These are not the tough years of the Second Intifada, but once in a while we still see attacks. Last week there was a stabbing in the city. How will it all end? Nobody in the world can give you an answer.