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And one little black cat.

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We have magic in all forms, from the magic that gods use when they come to Earth to magic that a familiar inspires when she helps a man with limited ability keep his spells fresh. We have vampires and werewolves. We have parasols and tea and lovely chocolates. We have FBI agents facing killers and assassins who can kill with a blink. A fantastic story for every mood, and steampunk. One or two of these books have steamy scenes, that have nothing to do with engines and everything to do with heat between humans.

We also have new releases in this bundle. Usually writers contribute the first books in a series or a book that fits the theme but has been published for a long time. Dermatis, Catherine Banks, Michelle Fox, and me—decided to put their most recent book in the bundle. In fact, Catherine and Michelle have contributed books exclusive to StoryBundle. How do you get your mitts on all these ebooks. After former party girl Nikki Ashburne accidentally overdoses and briefly died, she wakes up able to see ghosts. A good thing, because she lost all her other friends in the process.

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So when someone starts exorcising the ghosts of Hollywood, Nikki scrambles to find the perpetrator before her livelihood—and her only friends—vanish forever. I thought it would be fun to pull together some information about a few of the locations in Ghosted. Not to mention being one of the most iconic cemeteries in the world, with a star-studded cast of permanent residents.

Except, maybe not in the way you think. Aaron Schwabach, for example. Built in , it was the home to many famous people of the time. It fell into disrepair, then was revived in the s. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in With ghosts from various decades? You know, that scene with Michelle Pfeiffer on the piano.

Allegedly, the ghost of Marilyn Monroe haunts the Roosevelt. Or is it Marilyn…? Once, was delayed because they were filming something along the stretch near Mugu Rock in Ventura County. I fell out of my seat in the theater laughing. In Ghosted , Nikki rides the iconic roller coaster. If you have questions about other places in the book, let me know! Discover how a vampire learns to love baseball, how a heart transplant starts some odd conversations, the perils of an ill-fated love spell, finding the perfect footwear, and learning to control awakening power.

Cutter Heart Talk — Rebecca M. Senese Love Flu — Dayle A. Isa juggles being a nanny to tween Gretchen, studying for her MBA, and honing her magical cooking skills. Remember, you can sign up for the Uncollected Anthology newsletter and get the full story descriptions and links well before I get around to sending them!

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I love doorways, garden gates, secret passages, moss-covered stone steps curving away into the mist, you name it. What special secret thing awaits, just out of sight? To keep me and you satisfied until then, check out the Universe Between bundle from Storybundle. I still made grabby hands at it. The bonus was that I got a free download for having a novel in the bundle.

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Some of my favorite authors are in this bundle: Plus, you can choose to give a portion of the money to an amazing charity, Able Gamers, which helps people with disabilities enjoy the imaginary worlds of video games. For more information, and to purchase this bundle, visit Storybundle. Each issue has publication news about stories, collections, novels, and other fun stuff. What are you waiting for? A few years ago I wrote my first thriller story to submit to an anthology called Pulse Pounders , edited by Kevin J. To my delight, he purchased the story. Now the follow up volume, Pulse Pounders: Adrenaline , has come out, containing a new, but very different, thriller story by me.

The first story was about a mother saving her child, present-day.

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The new story is set in space, near future, and there are more lives at stake. I hope readers enjoy it. Right now, the only way to get Pulse Pounders: Anderson himself , via Storybundle. Anderson and Matthew Costello. Click here to buy! Mmm hmm, you read that right. He sometimes made use of his physique in "beefcake" scenes, such as one in 's Return of the Texan where he is seen bare-chested and sweaty, repairing a fence.

Lyles ' Law of the Lawless. Robertson filmed a television pilot about Diamond Jim Brady that was not picked up as a series. In the —67 season, Robertson starred in Scalplock another television pilot released as a movie that became The Iron Horse , in which his character wins an incomplete railroad line in a poker game and then decides to manage the company. Robertson guest-starred on the Nov. In , Robertson was in the original starring cast of Dynasty , playing Walter Lankershim , a character who disappeared after the first season.

Robertson also played Frank Crutcher in five episodes of the TV series Dallas during the season. He joked, "I am the tribe's West Coast distributor. Robertson played a central part in two episodes of Murder, She Wrote with Angela Lansbury but he was not credited in either appearance.

I told him that I had a hard fast rule that any director that berated me in front of the cast would have his teeth knocked out. We became friends after that". In his later years, Robertson and his wife, the former Susan Robbins, whom he married in , had lived on his ranch in Yukon, Oklahoma.

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He was 89 and had three daughters and a granddaughter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dale Robertson Robertson as Jim Hardie, Retrieved July 6, The New York Times. Archived from the original on Retrieved August 15, The Decatur Daily Review. Retrieved June 3, — via Newspapers. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 2 August , at