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Staying very still to avoid alerting anyone to his cognizance, Jackson opened his hand and. He didn't need a clear head or his vision to know he palmed a very sweet female backside. The body beside him stirred. A slim, smooth leg came over his, gliding up and over his crotch. Inside he jolted, but outside he stayed perfectly still. A woman purred, "You're awake? He snapped his head around so fast that pain nearly blinded him. The knee resting over his dick shifted as the woman readjusted to better see him. Carefully, his eyelids scraping like sandpaper, Jackson peered to his side and found none other than Alani Rivers.

She had the unmistakable look of a woman who'd spent a satisfying night doing the nasty. Though no words came from his parched throat, the hand on her ass contracted. Blushing, Alani ducked her face and rose up to an elbow. The sheet pulled to her waist, giving him an up close and personal view of her really beautiful breasts and rosy nipples.

So did his balls. Had they been noisy? Had he been chatty? She chewed her bottom lip. What the hell had they done? He tried to sort it out, but beyond the pain and the confusion was the mind-boggling fact that he had Alani Rivers in his bed. And he didn't know how any of it had happened. Acid crawled around his guts and squirreled up his throat, making his stomach pitch.

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Groaning, he threw back the covers. Didn't matter if his head fell off, he would not puke in front of her. In only a few long strides, he made it to the connecting bathroom where he dropped to his knees in front of the john in just the nick of time. Worse than that even. What the hell had happened? It hit so hard that it bounced open again.

He saw her shock and hurt, but damn it, no way in hell did he want her to see him like this. Luckily for them both, she turned and strode away. When the nausea finally subsided, he flushed the toilet and, feeling weaker than a newborn, used the edge of the sink to haul himself to his feet. He turned on cold water, splashed his face, rinsed his mouth, and after a few seconds of mental searching that left him blank, he turned to stagger out. Alani stood there yet again. He tried, but he couldn't take it in. For a hell of a long time, he'd wanted her. His burning gaze zeroed in on her neat triangle of golden brown pubic hair.

Ah, damn, so pretty. Had he touched her breasts? The possibility of passing out or puking more loomed near. But God Almighty, she looked fine. She looked like his. Face red, voice high, she snapped, "Real nice, Jackson. She looked both hurt and pissed. She gave one fleeting glance at his body, but when he remained mute, her eyes narrowed and she tossed her head, sending back her long fair hair.

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Like pale liquid, it poured over her smooth skin, mostly behind her shoulders, though one long strand trailed over her breast. Mesmerized, he took a moment to realize she was talking to him. But to make sure they were on the same page, he rasped, "It? He'd gotten her naked and in bed. Nothing rational came to his spinning brain, so Jackson just shook his head while again looking at her body.

If it wasn't for the door frame supporting him, he'd be on his face on the floor, but he couldn't not look at her. Wounded, disgusted, Alani turned on her heel and stalked back to his bed. Seeing the bounce of her rounded backside gave him a whole new reason to wish his vision wasn't so blurry. One jarring step was enough to warn him not to leave the dubious convenience of the bathroom. His stomach did jumping jacks. In the nick of time he dropped back down in front of the toilet again.

This time when he finished, his stomach muscles ached but his guts felt a little quieter, as if he'd gotten some foul poison out of his system. Unfortunately, Alani was now fully dressed and marching toward the front door. Feeling like a weak, mewling pup, he stumbled behind her. It suddenly dawned on Jackson that he was completely naked, too. He held on to the wall and willed away the pulsing agony in his noggin. There was more to regret beyond the fact that he couldn't remember shitola? She jerked his front door open but didn't storm away. With her back to him, her voice quavering, she said, "Don't worry about it, Jackson.

I'm naive, I know, but I'm not dumb. I understand what happened. Slowly, he sank down to the cool hardwood floor in his hallway. His eyes closed, but he could still see Alani naked. He didn't want to forget a damn thing. He wanted to remember. Alani stayed busy as long as she could.

Her chest still hurt with the weight of thick emotion. Humiliation vied with regret. Why had she believed him? Why had she allowed herself to be so easily swayed?

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What could have been the most amazing night of her life now felt like the most degrading. Not that she could blame Jackson for everything. She'd been so infatuated with him for so long, it had required very little from him to win her over. A few small words and. The groan vibrated out, heartfelt, sad and angry. She'd done things with Jackson that she'd never before considered. With him, she'd reveled in her sexuality.

And then, with the morning light, he'd taken one look at her and rushed off to be ill. All along, from the very first day she'd met Jackson Savor, she'd known he was trouble. Over and over again she'd resisted him because an involvement with any man who worked with her brother, especially a man too much like her brother, seemed impossible. She is SO broken hearted by the loss of a teenage boyfriend that ever 10 years later she still won't love again? Strong Enough to Love by Victoria Dahl: Too close to adultery for my tastes.

This story is about a man and woman who loved each other but never acted on it because he was married. I just don't like these sort of stories. It disintegrates the concept of the marriage being forever thus ruining the HEA for the couple. I think this was probably one of the worst books I have ever read. Which is saying a lot since I read both 50 Shades of Gray and Twilight Alisha rated it did not like it Jul 16, Monthz rated it did not like it Jul 23, V Johnson rated it did not like it Aug 14, Kelle rated it did not like it Aug 06, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. She is currently published with HQN. Each year Lori donates all proceeds from one book to charity. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Learn more about Amazon Prime. He never saw her coming… Spencer Lark already knows too many secrets about Arizona Storm, including the nightmare she survived and her resulting trust issues.

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This series is about a group of men who do mercenary work to save others--sometimes outside of the law--but often with the backing of law enforcement and politicians. But when the subject of human trafficking hits close to home, much of their attention shifts to taking out the ones responsible.

Turn Up the Heat

Four books and one novella with each story building on the relationships from the prior one. I feel the author's strongest trait is the personalities of her characters and what she can make the reader feel. You'll want to read the next book because of the characters. All of the men and women are drop dead gorgeous, which is somewhat of a sore point with me. And in each book you've got the angst of both with the couple not knowing the feelings of the other until the very end.

In that the books are formulaic. The sex is well written, although in the last two books, there's a lot more of it. Unfortunately, the author leaves it out of the novella, and that's a story many were waiting for. When You Dare - When Trace's sister Alina is abducted by human traffickers, Dare goes into Mexico to rescue his best friend's sister, also finding something he didn't expect. Another woman, Molly, is being held captive--starved, beaten and tortured--yet for a different reason than the other women he frees.

They've got to figure out who is behind it, and why. Molly is interesting in that she's a romance author and we get to see a different aspect of the business. Her family is something else. You'll love Dare's living situation. Trace of Fever - Trace is working undercover as a bodyguard to get enough information to bring down a human trafficking operation. When Priscilla Priss Patterson shows up claiming to be the head bad guy's daughter, he does his best to keep her safe.

She's got her own agenda and reasons to kill this guy and keeps getting in Trace's way.

Turn Up the Heat by Lori Foster (1 star ratings)

But she's innocent and still recovering from her abduction. So he's rather surprised to wake up with her naked in his bed, with a smile and sated look on her face, and he can't remember a thing. Both of their lives are in danger and it takes awhile to figure out just which of them are being targeted. Humor comes from Trace being overprotective of his sister and knowing what she and Jackson are doing. A Perfect Storm - Arizona is a woman Jackson had rescued years ago and still feels very protective of, seeing her now as a little sister.

She's actually a vigilante who has worked on her own to bring down human traffickers, having been a victim herself. She's both very capable and vulnerable. On her twenty-first birthday, she breaks into Spencer's home, wanting him to see her as an adult, and asking him, a bounty hunter, to be her back-up when she sets herself up as bait in a bar. He believes she's too young for him, but wants to both protect her as well as help her with some of her hang ups.

What Chris Wants - Novella based on the heart and soul of the entire enterprise operation. Dare's best friend who not only keeps the household running, but manages and handles all details of the enterprise, making arrangements and doing research. A lovable character, he's gay, and while liking Matt, doesn't believe he can have a relationship because his actual job and what the guys do is so secretive.

This one doesn't contain any explicit sex. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful.