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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. Sadie Novak, former teacher has started her own business. Sceneclean, a cleaning company that specializes in cleaning up death scenes. After the tragic suicide of her brother Brian, Sadie found the tragic truth was after, murder, suicides and other death, the police don't clean up the mess and it usually falls to the family. She wanted to prevent other families from having to deal with the horror of this job after the death of a loved one.

Being the only company in Seattle that deals with this type of cleaning and being recommended by the police has made her company a success. The only problem for Sadie is that along with cleaning up, she has also discovered that she had the ability to see and speak with the dead. Many of them not able to leave as they still are unaware that they're dead. Sadie isn't too pleased with this part, but does get a good feeling when she is able to help the spirit pass on. Unfortunately, suicides do not appear to her and that is her one regret, that she couldn't ask her brother why he committed suicide and it has haunted her for the last five years.

During what she considered a normal cleanup at the murder-suicide house of Grant and Trudy Toth, Sadie is surprised when the murdered wife appears to let her know that her husband did not kill her. Unfortunately, Sadie had helped Trudy leave a little too soon and the woman disappears before she could tell her who the real killer was. With her ex-cop, employee Zack, as backup, Sadie is determined to right this wrong, especially when someone tries to scare her off by shooting at her and by trying to make it appear she is stealing valuables from the homes she's cleaning.

Will she be able to convince the police that Grant did not murder his wife before someone silences her for good? Sadie, who turned the tragedy of her brother's suicide into a business that helps other people. I had never thought about this before, who did clean up after a crime. Sadie is very smart and does real investigation into solving this crime as the police have the perfect scenario for murder-suicide and don't see any reason to change it. Zack, ex-cop, who had taken a bullet for his partner, got hooked on painkillers and resigned before they could ask for his badge after roughing up a suspect.

He kicked his painkiller habit but had found it hard to get a job until Sadie came along. Very nice guy, ready to back up Sadie with advice and his gun. Not too thrilled about her talking to dead people he can't see while they're cleaning. Pam - her best friend - special ed teacher who has helped her through her worst times. Maeva - The psychic her sister Dawn drags her too. Maeva can talk to the dead who have already crossed over, but she has a little trouble convincing Sadie of that, even though she has a message from Grant Toth, who obviously doesn't want everyone thinking her murdered his wife either.

Sadie and Zack cleaning up a store that sells sex toys, with a son who's more worried that he can't open the next day than the fact that his father had been murdered in a robbery the night before. Hairy - her pet rabbit who sleeps with his own little stuffed rabbit. Good mystery, although the killer is obvious long before Sadie figures it out. This book is able to walk that very fine line between being able to bring humor to a subject that could easily have gone off into bad taste. The ending - the last pages brought tears to my eyes.

As if often the case in first books, the author doesn't quite have that magic touch to hide who the killer is. As they try to lay the clues so that the ending makes sense, they haven't yet got that ability to confuse the clues enough that the real killer isn't so obvious. For a book that I was hesitant to read, I found it to be well-written, enjoyable, humorous, without going into sick humor and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

Wendy Roberts' new paranormal mystery series features Sadie Novak, a professional crime scene cleaner and part time medium. Often ghosts remain when people die violently and Sadie helps them come to grips with what has happened to them, much to the dismay of her partner and ex-cop Zack Bowman. When Sadie is hired to clean up the murder-suicide of Trudy and Grant Toth, she meets Trudy's ghost who insists that Sadie prove Grant's innocence. Trudy won't talk no matter how Sadie tries to convince her, making it difficult to glean much information.

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Sadie is a complex character. She started seeing ghosts after her own brother committed suicide and set up her business SceneClean after having to clean up after the mess he left when he died. She wants to protect grieving families from having to go through the same process that she did. At times she resents the interference of the ghosts but she tries to help them where she can.

She knows she cannot see the ghosts of people who have committed suicide but part of her still hopes that one day she will find her brother. Given her background, it makes sense that she tries to uncover the real killer of Trudy despite the danger and multiple warnings from Zack to steer clear of the case. Zack by the way functions as the mouthpiece of the police - he knows their tactics as he used to be one and he has friends that feed him juicy bits of information which are duly passed on to Sadie.

He tries to protect her from herself, particularly when various attempts are made on her life. The plot however is needs bulking up as there are only two possible killers to pick from. There are two types of mysteries- those where the reader spends the entire novel working out whodunit and those where you know who the killer is and you have to determine how they committed the crime and why. I don't have a problem with this novel falling into the latter category, but the fact that I worked out the why and guessed the how fairly early on was an issue. Opening up the suspect pool a little would have helped to rectify this.

Pacing was another problem as Sadie would stop and start her investigation to clean up other crime scenes. It is as if the local criminals conspired against her solving the case by committing all manner of heinous violent crimes. Zack could have easily handled some of the scenes while she played amateur detective. The concept is intriguing and I'm interested to see where Roberts goes with this series. One person found this helpful. See all 85 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 month ago. Published 6 months ago. Published 7 months ago. Published 1 year ago. Published on June 29, Published on June 1, Throughout the book, Sadie is being haunted in her own right by the nonexistent specter of her brother Brian and by her sister's fiance who looks just like Brian.

She does find closure by the end of the book, and a peace with her sister, both of which are really satisfying to me. There's also a really neat twist in her relationship with her best friend that caught me completely by surprise. All in all, a few good new characters, and some I'd like to see more of. This book has been sitting on my TBR pile for a while.

I was recommended to me for slightly different ghost story. As a new author to me , I had no expectations and was I on for a treat. We first meet Sadie Novak, former teacher, now in the grizzly business of cleaning crime scenes. Normally in mystery stories, you have the detectives at the scenes and they solve the crimes and that's it. I never considered what happens to the scene when the body's gone. Who cleans the apartment or house where t This book has been sitting on my TBR pile for a while.

Who cleans the apartment or house where the murder or suicide happened? What a gruesome though! It is where Sadie Novak comes in, armed with disposable clothing, gloves, masks, and chemicals in her handy truck to removes the evidence of a gory death from your home. Her trusty sidekick is the man whore with awesome butt Zack, ex-cop with a bruised ego but good heart. The main characters are very complex, they grow on you too. The graphic depiction of the cleaning process is an interesting touch seldom seen. In addition to her crazy cleaning skillz, Sadie has developed the gift of speaking to lately departed ghosts.

She has taken unto herself to help those ghost resolve their last dilemmas so that they can move on. In a sense it is her own therapy for an event that happened 5 years ago in her life. The mystery revolves around an apparent murder-suicide that Sadie is contracted to clean.

Many events leads Sadie to doubt this conclusion but little evidence to prove it. Some of the clues could have been presented with more finesse but still red herding were readily provided. It gave the chance to add some colorful characters that I hope to see more of in the next books. All in all, a decent mystery, easy and pleasant read worth checking out. View all 5 comments. Just a quick review -- Decent premise, I like Medium - or rather liked Medium - and I am interested in Forensics so this book has a little of both that will appear to fans of both genres.

A crime scene cleaner who can speak to the dead. However, her hot partner thinks she crazy, her sister just shakes her head and her Mom tells everyone she is a House Cleaner. Which she is - if your house has brain matter and bone fragments on the wall. Sadie Novack can see some dead people, not suicides because th Just a quick review -- Decent premise, I like Medium - or rather liked Medium - and I am interested in Forensics so this book has a little of both that will appear to fans of both genres.

Sadie Novack can see some dead people, not suicides because those souls are ready to depart this world, and when she's doing a crime scene clean-up, well she sometimes has to help those souls along into the next realm, whatever that might be. She's not always very nice to ghosts, her patience can sometimes run thin and she is repulsed when they go through her - Alison DuBois she is not.

However, despite her attitude, penchant for hitting below the belt and drinking to numb some of the scenes - I like her. She can be a bitch but she's quick to acknowledge when she's being one. She's wary and has baggage, I imagine she is what a Crime Scene cleaner who saw ghosts would be like. Skeptic of everyone else's ability but her own and she owns a pet rabbit. She should sleep with her subordinate, ex-cop Zack Bowman, she should get over her grief about her brother's suicide and she should, maybe, probably listen to Maeva the psychic, but if everything worked out according to plan what would the fun be in that?

Jan 27, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: The Remains of the Dead 3. As Sadie begins to uncover the The Remains of the Dead 3. As Sadie begins to uncover the secrets of the Toth family, she becomes the target of a desperate killed intent on getting away with murder. While this is a cozy paranormal mystery, it does contain vivid and sometimes gruesome descriptions of decomposing corpses and blood spattered crime scenes.

As such, it is not recommended for readers with weaker stomachs. Not only is Sadie a rather prickly and oft times brusque heroine, but she also has one or two annoyingly TSTL moments. The story is well-paced and the writing flows although the author does have a tendency to mix up character names, which can get confusing at times. The mystery is interesting despite the obvious culprit, and the climax and resolution are exciting and satisfying. Moreover, the hints at a romance between Sadie and Zach have definite potential, and as a romance fan this is sufficient for me to continue with the series.

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Jan 05, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: I have to say I really enjoyed this one. The main character Sadie owns a "clean up company" that goes in and cleans up crime scenes with gory remains or sites of unattended deaths where bodies are left for long periods of time and ya know, rot. She also has this little skill of seeing dead people. She helps usher them on to their next life by listening to them. Now Sadie is determined to figure out what really happened, and someone is determined to keep it a secret.

This was more mystery than a paranormal, but I liked it. The characters were snarky to one another, there was enough romantic tension to keep me happy and the mystery was something I actually didn't figure out. On to find the second book. Sep 01, Hope Corizzo rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Sadie is a cleaning lady- of grisly crime scenes. Oh yeah, and she can talk to the dead who are haunting their own crime scene.

I chose this book from the big A.

I ordered a ton okay, 10 or so of books with good ratings, expecting fluff and lots of grammatical errors. The writing is more than competent; the characters are well drawn, and not cliched. There's definitely a series in the works for this character Sadie is a cleaning lady- of grisly crime scenes. There's definitely a series in the works for this character yay!!

Had this book on ice for some time, always meaning to give it some attention but being distracted by a flashier release. I liked it so much, I ran out and bought the next 2 books in the series the afternoon I finished it. The heroine of this series is Sadie, owner of a Crime Scene cleaning business in Seattle with the ability to talk to ghosts. She's bright, loyal ,and tough. The added additions of a pleasant cleanness or simplicity to Had this book on ice for some time, always meaning to give it some attention but being distracted by a flashier release.

May 18, Alyssa White rated it really liked it Shelves: This read was a solid 4 stars. The idea behind the story is wonderful and you can feel the characters for real people, not written ideas.

The Remains of the Dead

The story jumped scenes a bit, but it was over all well crafted. I already ordered the second book. Aug 29, Mary Lea rated it it was ok. This was a fast read Mar 16, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: An interesting premise for a new series. I really liked the protagonist, Sadie Novak. Feb 16, Coreycw rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 25, Wendy Cantu rated it it was ok Shelves: Say you are making a cake.

You have cake mix, eggs, and oil — all the basic elements that will yield a perfectly acceptable cake. You can tweak the recipe, add things, or even turn it into cupcakes by using a different pan, but you have the fundamentals. But what happens if you add six eggs instead of two? Or only put a half-cup of oil instead of a full cup?

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Or if you mix everything perfectly but forget to turn the oven on? I think the story started out with some great elements. And, in the process, she sometimes helps spirits pass over to the next realm. I think the title Ghost Dusters Mystery is a little misleading, though. But the proportion of Dusting-to-Mystery was a little lop-sided. Sadie is introduced to mystery. Then, she cleans some more crime scenes.

In short, I felt like I was tailing Sadie through her relatively uneventful life just waiting for something interesting to happen. Another major thing for me was the lapse in time between books. Honestly, it just seemed kind of lazy — like being able to further the plot and the relationships without actually having to write about it.

Which obviously made motives pretty confusing and brings me to my next point… Sadie was just so sporadically immature. So why does she do things like start drama with her sister when her sister gets engaged to a perfectly fine guy all because Sadie thinks he looks like their dead brother and no one actually sees the resemblance?

There were so many character and plot contradictions, it was hard to keep them straight. He was such a good character. It was easier to cut my losses. Feb 23, Bird rated it it was ok Shelves: The main character came off as a real bitch numerous times in the book. I saw the bad guy coming a mile away, and was super annoyed it took the MC so long to put the pieces together. There's a weird relationship between the main character and one of her employees. I guess it's supposed to be sexual tension, but it doesn't work The main character came off as a real bitch numerous times in the book.

I guess it's supposed to be sexual tension, but it doesn't work for me maybe because the employee is a jerk about the MC's abilities. Sep 09, Brandi ; rated it really liked it. I enjoyed it even knowing who it was. A friend recommended Wendy Roberts and man I was not disappointed!! I could not stop reading it! I read the entire book in 1 day! Dec 01, Crystal Hart rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 10, M rated it it was ok.

Good cottage reading- the technical details about the profession were a real highlight. May 06, Nan St.

A Ghost Dusters Mystery Series

Michael rated it did not like it. Had to put the book down, that just ruined it for me. Sep 22, Natalie rated it it was amazing. First time reading this author, enjoyed this story. I only figured out one thing ahead of time, and she did surprise me a couple of times. Reading more by her. Little twist at the end I should have seen. Sep 12, Jamie Manning rated it really liked it.

Another fantastic entry into the Ghost Dusters series! Crisp writing, fleshed-out characters, and a fast-paced plot kept me turning the pages.

Ghost Dusters Mystery

Wendy Roberts moves to the top of my TBR pile for sure! Aug 10, Temica rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. Although outside of my normal, preferred reading genre, I was pleasantly surprised. I am looking forward to reading this entire series. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Videos About This Book. Wendy Roberts is an armchair sleuth, fan of all things mysterious but a huge chicken at heart. Her mind is often in a secretive, cloak and dagger world of intrigue while her physical presence is usually at home feeding feral cats and a demanding guinea pig. Wendy resides in Vancouver Canada where she happily writes about murder and is always at work on her next novel.

You can find Wendy on the web Wendy Roberts is an armchair sleuth, fan of all things mysterious but a huge chicken at heart. You can find Wendy on the web on the following sites: Other books in the series.