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Gluten intolerance, in its tendency to inflame and destroy the gut lining—known as leaky gut syndrome —can allow food antigens to enter the bloodstream.

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Over time, this overexposure causes the immune system to react, and foods that would otherwise be tolerated can become allergenic. The four-day rotation diet was first introduced by Dr. Herbert Rinkel in The idea is to structure your food intake to allow your body a period of recovery between subsequent exposures to specific foods that may be causing cyclical food reactions.

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This practice helps reduce the chance of developing new allergies, encourages diet diversity by providing a wide range of nutritional choices, discourages the overindulgence of one food to compensate for the removal of another, and aids in identifying foods that could be causing problems. When following the rotation diet, a specific food is eaten on a particular day of the rotation and is not eaten again until that day of the rotation comes around again.

Four days is generally long enough, but people with chronic constipation may need to cycle longer, until regular bowel movements are achieved. Good fats and oils are wasted.

Dangerous Grains

Inability to properly digest fats and oils results from damage to the microvilli. Microvilli contain lacteals that release a milky substance, which breaks down fats and oils into fine droplets so your body can absorb them. Healthy fats and oils are critical to the function of your entire body, especially the brain, heart, and musculoskeletal system. Infectious organisms are protected. Mucus that normally flows through the gastrointestinal tract then fills these pockets and creates mucus plugs. Organisms including bacteria, parasites, and fungi can thrive under the cover of these plugs.

The mucus plugs also make it difficult, if not impossible, for the immune system or antibiotics to effectively eradicate these organisms.

Rice: Most Dangerous Grain In The World? Arsenic Facts

Nutrients are not absorbed. Gluten intolerance results in severe malabsorption of nutrients, which, if unchecked, leads to all varieties of illnesses associated with malnutrition and especially deficiencies in B12, folate, and iron.

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Long before Grain Brain was a bestseller, Dangerous Grains was the first book to examine in depth the hazards of gluten cereal grains. James Braly , Ron Hoggan.

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Discover the benefits of a gluten-free diet in relieving and preventing the ailments associated with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and more than chronic illnesses, including: Bowel Diseases and Gluten. During his 20 years of clinical and research experience, he has helped develop, implement, and popularize food allergy testing and celiac disease screening among physicians throughout the United States.

His subsequent research on the disease and the gluten grains that provoke it has been published in numerous newsletters and journals, and on many websites.