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Lacrosse Ground Balls Drills. Roll ball out and two players charge out to "win" the ball. The winner should then try to shoot on a goal and the loser should defend against this shot.

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You can also make it harder with three players going after one ball. Practice scooping ground balls without pressure from a variety of angles. You can roll the balls quickly towards the players in the front as they run towards you.

Next, you can have the players scoop the balls from the side as they run across the field laterally away from you. Drop a ball halfway between two players and let them battle for the ball. Make sure that you practice "box out" drills where a player uses his hips, rear, etc. Also practice kicking the ball out of the scrum. Players can gain possession by kicking a contested ball away from the opponent in order to gain an easier pick-up. You can practice ground ball "reaction speed" by having the players facing away from you and then turning to scoop up the ground ball when you tell them to turn as you roll out the ball.

Ground Ball Box Out Drill. Ground Ball Drill with a Chaser. This is one of the first beginner lacrosse drills that kids should practice. The partner can be another kid or a parent. Lacrosse rides are a critical skill for a team to learn. US Lacrosse - Riding Drills. Have your players - Run, dodge past a defender - real or imaginary and shoot on the goal. Do both sides - left and right.

Run, scoop up ground ball and shoot. Run from around back of goal from X and shoot. Run, fake shot and shoot. Cutting Drills - Have your player "cut" across the face of the goal left to right or right to left. He should start from yards out, run diagonally across the face of the net and end up at goal line extended on the other side of goal. Player should catch and shoot on the run. Practice quick stick shots close to the goal. Form Shooting Drill - Drill for shooting on the run.

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Six Line Shooting Drill. He will be loved by coaches if he can use both hands effectively i. If your son is very young, you can try using a tennis ball for the wall ball drills. A light weight tennis ball is roughly the same size and causes less pain if it hits. These drills will quickly improve your son's lacrosse skills. Lacrosse players not only need great stick skills but they also need to be great athletes. Timed 40 yard dashes - For extra "fun", you should have the kids run in full gear while cradling a ball.

They automatically lose the race if they drop the ball! Helps with speed and the ability to quickly change direction. Sideways shuffle drills - Set out two cones and have kids shuffle sideways without crossing their feet between the two cones.

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  6. Helps with lateral movement i. Backward drills - Make them run backwards to the 20 yard line, touch the line and then sprint "forward" back to the zero yard line. This will work on their ability to move backwards at speed and without falling down. This is especially useful for defensemen and middies who need to stay in front of an attacking opponent. Zigzag drills - Place cones in a staggered zigzag pattern down the field. Have each player sprint to the first cone, cut left to the second cone, cut right to the third cone and so on. This drill will work on improving your son's ability to make quick changes of direction when running at speed.

    Useful for all offensive players, especially middies. Others feel that it is useless. Try it and see if it improves your son's speed, footwork and quickness. As a reward for a good hard practice, you should consider throwing in a couple of "fun" drills i. Also, you want to be their friend, but also have them respect you. My girls alwayss know when I'm joking, so it's hard to get them to take me seriously Since they are beginners we do most ly fundamentals, since they still don't know what to do half the time That's great that you're helping out!

    It seems that it is so much harder to find girls' coaches than boys. I started the girls youth program at my daughter's middle school and now coach HS, so I know the challenges you face.

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    Don't know if I agree that coaching girls is more difficult. They just present different challenges. Boys like to show off, girls don't want to make their friends look bad. I actually think the girls will work harder. Don't see that as much on the girls side. The idea of conditioning at that age is a waste of time. Teach them to scoop the ball on the run, cradle, catch and throw listed in order of importance to a new player.

    If any of your players ever tortured their parents by playing t-ball or softball, ask them which hand they caught with and make that their dominant hand. What's harder, catching or throwing, especially on the run? And you can never have too many left handers on your team. Start working both hands early, too, even on ground balls.

    Lacrosse Drills for Beginners & Intermediate Players

    It teaches them balance and body control. Resist the temptation to put young players in set positions. Everyone should learn to play anywhere on the field. As they get older and more experienced, they will figure out what position suits them the best. Also, resist the temptation to play full-field games. The powers that be insisted that they play full-field, which was stupid.

    Half the players stand around watching the other end of the field. Play 7v7 max, no offsides. Everyone is involved all the time. You can have 2 games running across a full sized field, keeping 32 girls very involved, or have 1 full field game with 24 girls spending half their time watching. Who will learn the fundementals faster?

    Who's having more fun? Play lots of small-sided games in practice and keep lots of extra balls available. It's all about getting them maximum touches on the ball. If they just aren't getting it, move on to something else. Design your drills to teach them the skills they will need in games as they get older.

    They're worthless, like running laps for the sake of running laps. I'm convinced that they're only used by coaches that are too lazy to work up an effective, interesting practice plan. A fun drill that we do occasionally is 'ultimate lacrosse' , obviously based on ultimate frisbee.


    The goal is to pass the ball across the end line. You are only allowed 5 steps after you catch the ball or scoop a ground ball. After that you have to stand until you pass. An opponent can check your stick, or in youth start a 3 sec count once the ball carrier is marked. The object is to pass the ball up the field rather than running. Off-ball teammates learn to cut into open space. As they get better, put pressure on them by adding rules: If the ball hits the ground, your team gives up possession and drops the ball at that spot.

    All ground balls must be taken on a sprint. Or, my favorite, if you miss the ground ball on your first attempt, you lose it. Finally, there are all sorts of lacrosse drills. Do a search of these forums, also the IL website. Many are for advanced players so remember to keep them simple, but challenging. RockStar , Oct 14, There are a few tricks to keep younger players, and just players in general, focused and working. Make the drills fast paced and include as many people as possible at once. A 1v1 drill allows only 2 people active at any given time while the rest just stand around Involve as many players as possible.

    You also want to keep drills relatively short and not drag on. Driving from X for 45mins because they can't get it right isn't going to make anyone work any harder or learn any faster. It just makes them angry and bored. Change up the drills every mins. It helps if you have a laid out practice plan. Another thing that can help with this is have "stations". You said you're helping with some friends, well each of you can be in charge of a "station" that does something like dodges or cradling, etc etc.

    Every 15mins or so they move to a different station. Just keep them moving along and don't give their minds time to wander off and think about boys or picking their nose or whatever. Another key is make it fun through competitions. Everything you do, make a game out of it. This works especially well for younger kids.

    During partner passing to warm up, make it a competition to see who can catch the most without dropping. During shooting drills play around the world. Any kind of competition kids love and it keeps them interested and wanting more. For older players, competition brings out aggressiveness and hard work, so it's effective at higher levels too. Now, you have to make winning be worth something, but you're not conditioning or punishing these kids at this age cause all it'll do it make them not want to play ever again, but they do need a reward.

    Something like not having to help pick up balls, or throwing out the balls for a ground ball drill for a little, something little and creative that they'll like. Bring some gatorades to practice randomly every so often and let that be a reward. Almost forgot, get yourself a girls stick.

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    It'll help you teach better if you can actually do what you're saying, if for no other reason then you can be the example for them to watch. My team gave me crap about using a guys stick and said it's impossible to do what I was saying with a girls stick, so I bought a girls stick and started using it instead and they shut up real quick.

    CTLaxer , Oct 14, A method I use for younger kids to help with non-stickwork skills is to have them do drill without their sticks first to encourage them to move their feet to get into the proper position and not trying to rely on their stick. Once they get the hang of it, then get them to do the exact same thing, but with their sticks. Another one, I found that with kids who haven't mastered throwing and catching yet, even the best of drills can be derailed by bad throws, missed catches, or dropped balls. They get so caught up in the pass-catch and then chasing down the dropped ball, that the point of the drill gets lost.

    Consider running through drills like breakouts, give and go's etc using a ball basketball, soccer, utility whatever instead. Again, once they get the hang of the movement and position, have them run through it with their sticks. The idea in both of these is to let the kids focus on one thing at a time, rather than three or four.

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    They get overloaded quickly. KLD , Oct 14, Superman , Oct 14, Have two sets line up GLE with a goalie in the net.