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He searches every nook and cranny for the meaning of his existence on earth and yet he has so far found very little that truly satisfies his deep longing to know the truth of his own being and purpose in life. Now, for the first time, The Seven Thunders provides you with insight into the reality and true purpose of your existence which was formulated within the counsels of the Most High before the foundation of the world.

It takes you on a spiritual journey into the mind of God to reveal the true you and your purpose in Christ before time began. This way you may come to understand who you really are in Christ Jesus and what God's plan is and has always been for the manifest sons of God as we near the ultimate end of the age and the final revelation of Jesus Christ from heaven!

The Seven Thunders unveils that which has been sealed for the past two thousand years and lays bare the thoughts that God has had of mankind before the creation of the world. In this book you will discover why you are on earth and from where you really come. Nothing before has been so revealing! But beware if you dare to enter in, for you will never be the same again. Life as you currently know it will radically change as you discover that what you thought was real, in time, is merely a figment of God's imagination, in eternity!

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There's a problem loading this menu right now. But up to this time, we have not heard of one of these interpretations which really and truly accommodates ALL the quotes from the Prophet without any contradiction. Some time ago, in March , a Brother wanted to know what my understanding is of the seven Thunders. As I prepared an answer for him, I felt the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and a few things of this important subject of the Thunders became clearer and opened up further.

At that time I felt attracted to the following quote. Could it be that now is the hour to fully understand it? That's the reason today they can't understand this; it isn't the HOUR. No more we could understand these things until the time comes for it to be understood. The result of this further revelation of the Thunder mystery was that I deleted the former chapter 10 and replace it with this new one.

But before we go any further, let us see what the Bible says what a Thunder is. That's what the Bible said See? These few Scriptures and the quote above make it very clear that the Voice of God is a Thunder. The Voice of an Angel is also a Thunder. To reject it is to remove the candlestick. This quote refers to the 7 Spirits before the Throne as explained in Revelation 5: Those seven Angels became the thundering Voices , speaking through the messengers to the people.

Now, I'm just your brother, by the grace of God. If I offended you by saying that, forgive me. But I felt that might been resented. But I am God's Voice to you. I say that again. That time was under inspiration. And when she turned to obey what the prophet said do, then come the thunder from heaven that every man looks to hear. IN -- V-5 N -- We have seen plain and clear that the thundering Voice of God can be spoken direct from Heaven, or through Angels , or by a Prophet.

These facts are very important for us to understand as we continue with this very crucial subject of the seven Thunders. Why, there's some hidden mystery then of it. IN -- V-2 N -- E. IN -- V-3 N -- M.

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Reading these two quotes together, we see that in March the seven Thunder Voices opened the seven written Seals. They show that the Thunders and the Seals is one and the same.

And those blasting the other morning that shook me plumb till I raised up in the air as high as this building, and that constellation of ANGELS , seven Angels, in the form of a pyramid And so I must not take what anyone says; I must--it must be inspired. There it is, just where it's already passed and you didn't know it.

See if it is. Yes, the mysterious thundering Voices of those seven Angels broke and revealed those Seals in March The next quote says the same, the seven Angels Who formed the wig in the photo of the mysterious cloud, those seven thundering Voices revealed the mysteries of the seven Seals. IN -- V-3 N-7 -- There's a Cloud hanging , twenty-six miles high. That's fifteen miles, or twenty, above even where vapor's at. They don't know what it's all going about, and they're trying to investigate It.

And there, right under It, I was standing. And it did exactly that way. LA -- V N -- M. Seven Angels , just as clear as you're standing here, came sweeping down from heaven. The rocks in the mountains rolled out He said, "Return to your home. CA -- V N-1 -- We have seen where Brother Branham connects those seven Angels to the seven Thunders, and here he says that They are the Seals.

Each Angel was one of the Seals, and each One did meet the Prophet in the morning in the denroom to open one of the Seals and tell him the mystery of it. Those seven mysteries of God which were revealed to him in those seven consecutive days, they were only known to Them. We see clearly here that the seven Thunders is not another mystery somewhere else as just about everybody believes, it's all included in the seven Seals. And you remember, it was in the pyramid where the mysterious white rock was not written on.

And now, they with the messengers that come to interpret that pyramid or that message of the secret of these Seven SEALS which lays with inside the pyramid. Were they revealed in the seven Seals, but are yet--but are yet not known to us as the thunders yet? They was to reveal The seven thunders that had uttered their voices and no one could make out what it was John knew what it was, but he was forbidden to write it.

He said, "But the seventh angel, in the days of his sounding, the seven mysteries of the seven thunders would be revealed. Brother Branham seemed somewhat astounded that somebody believes that the seven Thunders is something separate from the seven Seals. For those who still doubt, the next quote spells it out indisputably that the seven Seals were opened by the seven thundering Voices of God.

Now, let us find the symbols. We found out what the thunder means. That's perfectly; we know that. This last quote has actually a twofold meaning. Every morning, one of those Angels came into the denroom where the Prophet was waiting, and the Angel's Thunder Voice opened one of the Seals to him alone. Then in the evening at the Tabernacle, Brother Branham was anointed to preach a small portion of that Seal to the public, and he became the Thunder Voice of God to us.

And there about twelve o'clock in the day the Holy Spirit just swept right down into the ROOM , and the whole thing just opened up to ME , and there it was? And you remember on this we're just striking the highlights of it.

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My, if--when I get in that ROOM there and--and that anointing comes in, if I could write down what He--what all goes on, I'd be here for three months on one of the Seals. So I just strike the places and let it out just what it would seem to be that wouldn't choke the people , but yet not enough to hurt them, but just so that believing it would-- it'd season the thing. You can't possibly hit all the things, if--'cause you could take that--just one of those Seals and stay, just--just bring it right through the Scripture, right down.

See, it take months and months and months, and you still wouldn't have it , 'cause the--the Seal itself ties the entire Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, one Seal of it. If I could stand here and talk the things that's revealed in that ROOM , I tell you, it'd swing your heads around; but how you going to do it when you got a whole thing here. We see that the Sealsbook contains only a tiny fraction of the full Revelation of Jesus Christ which was opened up by those Angelic seven Thunder Voices of God in the denroom in March But we must also come to that full understanding of the Revelation of Jesus Christ which was revealed to Brother Branham in the denroom.

When and where will that take place?

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  4. The following quote tells us, we will come back to this Judgment Seat of Christ again a little later. I do not know. But one of these days, if we never meet again on this earth , we're going to meet yonder at the--at the judgment seat of Christ. And you'll find out that in that ROOM , the revelation coming from God just like all the rest of them has Now this messenger of Malachi 4 and Revelation According to Malachi 4 he will turn the hearts of the children to the fathers.

    It will be these Divinely revealed 'mystery-truths' that literally turn the hearts of the children to the Pentecostal fathers. We seen at the beginning of this chapter that a Thunder is the Voice of God, it is either spoken by the Lord Himself from Heaven, or by an Angel, or by an anointed Prophet of God. We know that "Son of man" refers to a Prophet. That is the same Holy Spirit back into human flesh perfectly paralleling Sodom when God was manifested in a human being.

    And if He come then to the natural seed, Abraham, He comes now to the royal seed All we hear and know and understand is what we receive from the Voice of our Lord, speaking by and through the mouth of His Prophet.

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    It is Almighty God revealing Himself through the human flesh of Brother Branham, telling us just as much as He wants us to know at this time. Heavenly Father, with Your great Presence laying here , the great Holy Spirit, the One we have the picture of, the One that we read in the Bible, He's present right here now.

    I ain't in the picture at all.

    049 The Little Book & Seven Thunders (Revelation 10:1-11) 1 of 2

    I'm just--don't even want to be myself or nothing; it's Him. Let Him do the work. See what I mean? Now, have you noticed the mysterious parts of this week? That's what it is. That's what it's been. Brother Branham makes it clear that his thinking as a man is not at all in the picture. Nevertheless,God spoke through him, his voice is that one great Thunder revealing those previously sealed up messages which he received from those seven Angels.

    As he said in these quotes, that was the purpose why those Angels brought him back to Jeffersonville, to be that great Thunder voice. I knew not these SEAL, and they been revealed this week. Did anybody think of that? IN -- V-9 N-1 -- M. It's already in there. It's just hid; it's sealed.

    How many understands that, say, "Amen. You can't add one word to It or take one from It. See, it's already in there. It's just got to be revealed in the last days. LA -- V-2 N -- For seven days, each morning one of the Angels swept down into the denroom to the waiting Prophet to open up the mysteries of one of the Seals to him alone.

    Then in the evening, those Angels anointed him to preach some of those mysteries to us. As we know, Brother Branham was not allowed to preach everything He received in the denroom to us. It seems that he expected that more would be revealed to the public, he said:. Now, you'll just remember that there is something happening that I-- I hope you're catching it. I just want to test this church one time and see if they could actually pick up something before it actually taken place. Have you caught anything? I just wondered if you was. I might not have to tell you then Sunday. Now, if that don't tie that Bible together, I--I don't know what does.

    I--I--I-- I can't say no more about it , 'cause that's it. Now, you just arrived. You take anything from there, you twist it. So it's just got to be that way. I doubt very much whether you've ever seen it or not See? It's been something that's laid right here before you , and I've watched each night for us--for it to rise, or somebody to say, "I see it.

    Don't turn it away, please. Does anybody know what the Prophet has seen, and what those mysteries are which were going on in those meetings? He was the only one who has seen those mysterious things he spoke about in the above quotes, while the public was blissfully unaware of what went on all around them. Then on Sunday morning came the anticlimax when he said:. And--and then also knowing that right among you, things are happening See? I know you, that you don't see it.

    But let me say this See? So don't try to interpret anything. Don't try to put your interpretation to it. You only--you only get further away