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As with mildew, symptoms usually appear late in summer and in autumn. The leaf margins often die and turn brown and each leaf curls upward. Symptoms can be so unsightly that it may look like the plant will die. Fortunately, lilacs have done most of their growing by then and new spring leaves are usually healthy.

Again, cultivars react with varying degrees of damage, so look for those that hold their beauty all season. Need to perk up your home for the holidays? Learn how to easily and cheaply make a boxwood tree. Take your garden to the next level! It's that time of the year again. We know that the gardener in your life may be particularly hard to buy for during the holiday season.

How does one buy…. If you are looking for holiday decorating inspiration, there's no better place to look than our past garden photos of the day. Over the years, our readers have sent in…. Dahlias have some of the most beautiful flowers of any garden plant available.

They appear in every color of the rainbow but blue, and present over a dozen unique forms…. Underplant lilacs with other spring flowers. With lilacs, fragrance is the number one priority Some lilacs are more fragrant than others. Some lilacs are trees There are actually tree lilacs that are not simply big shrubs, but can become the size and shape of an apple tree.

Late-blooming lilacs have a distinctive look and smell The late lilacs bloom about a week to 10 days after the common lilacs. Lilacs are easy to grow Lilacs are as easy to grow as vegetables. How to Prune Hydrangeas. Six Tips for Effective Weed Control. Get our latest tips, how-to articles, and instructional videos sent to your inbox. Comments Log in or create an account to post a comment.

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  5. Now you can be choosy about fragrance, shape, hue, and flowering time?

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You must be a magazine subscriber to access this feature. I have used a bought many brands of lilac and this one rocks. The only one I buy now! It is perfect and the price is better than others. Customers come back year after year. Great throw in soy candles and parasoy for tarts.

Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oil

This scent accelerated and my soap ended up gelling which was ok but due to the acceleration it was hard to achieve the design I was going for. Once I cut into it I really didn't like the scent as much in the final product as I did out of bottle. It kind of reminds me of bathroom spray, not a fave but now I know. Wow,this smells exactly like the real thing. Made a beautiful 8 bar loaf of this using MP soap and gave a bar to my sister and then she asked me how much per bar I would sell them to her for she bought them all!

She has never bought my soap because I give it to family for free so when she bought the whole lot just cause of how amazing the scent was I was very pleased. Love this scent and will definitely be reordering. So true to the actual flower. I truly love this oil. It smells even better than expected. My husband walked into the living room and stopped and asked me what is that smell? He said it smells so good in here. I use it in the rinse cycle on washer. This always sells out quick.

Lilacs: Time for a Fresh Look

It does accelerate a little in CP soap but not bad at all. My customers request this to be in stock at all times. Holds well in soap. Oh, boy does this ever smell good! The scent is spot on! The scent transfers to soap well and was very well liked, however, after about 6 months after making, I started to detect a chemical scent with the lilac.

If you choose this fragrance, make small batches. I made it HP because of the high flash point, so will try CP next. Maybe it will do better there. This is very fragrant and smells like the real flower. Highly recommended and it mixes well with cold process soap. Truly a great product. I will buy again. I will be back for more of this fragrance oil from WSP. This fragrance will amaze you if you love Lilacs!! It smells completely real.

A seasonal fragrance that is very true to its name, look forward to making it each spring! I used this fragrance in cold process soap, and I have to say, I love this smell. I have lilacs growing in my back yard and think this fragrance is extremely close to the actual plant.

Glade PlugIns Scented Oil | Glade Products

I did not have any problems with this fragrance accelerating, I had plenty of time to work with the soap and make lovely purple swirls. I will be buying this one again! I like this fragrance oil,smell good in my lotion. Nice soap, but not one of my favorites. I have to add a little more of this scent than I would like, but the scent itself is wonderful!

Fragrance smells just like a blooming lilac bush. Very nice lilac scent. Held up very well in cold process soaps. It is a very good seller for me. This fragrance oil is pretty strong. I can see this giving someone sensitive to certain smells a headache. It smells true to the name but it is very strong.

A little bit goes a long way. I plan to mix it with something sweet to tone it down. Very feminine and mature scent though. Customers who like flowers really like this fragrance. My first soap attempt! Be ready with this one, it's sneaky! It behaves well just long enough for you to tell yourself, "I got this. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but keep stirring while you are designing and it will give you a bit more time.

I have a customer that raves about this smell, she says it's the best lilac she has ever smelled. I dig it too.

Homemade Natural Perfume Recipe - free of nasty chemicals

I have learned to work around it. Just what I needed to fulfill a special order for a lilac lover. Smells just like the real thing! Scent doesn't seem to fade much over time. I make up some lotion in this fragrance. It is very nice and really satisfies those who remember lilac from childhood. I have not yet CP soaped with it It is floral and may trace faster.

But this spring, I am going to give it a try since I have learned ways to slow trace a bit. Works well and carries without morphing. Doesn't seem to discolor or accelerate trace. Stays well in blends as well. Very happy with this fragrance. I don't like floral scents but my customers do and they love this one! This FO has a very full bodied fragrance and I found it to be stronger than I expected.

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This smells exactly like fresh cut lilacs, the scent is strong and holds up well in soap. No need to look any further, this is perfect in every way, customers love it! Unfortunately, it quickly accelerated as most florals do and I had to cram the soap into the mold and hope for the best - super sad, because my customers always ask for a Lilac fragrance. Smells great - I will try it in other products.

I used this in my latest batch of Hot Process soap and it turned out amazing. I couldn't believe it is so true to the smell of actual lilac. It works great in melt and pour and the scent holds well! This would be incredible in candle tarts! I also bought the liquid coloring for soap in lavender! It was beautiful in a solid and in a clear soap! This is a must have fragrance. It is really strong; It doesn't take much to get the desired result, it smells so delicious. I will ordering more and more. I am so very happy about the purchase of this fragrance oil. I have been reluctant to order it but many of my customers have been asking for lilac.

I read the reviews and was happy with what others were saying. I have used it in my hot processed soaps, lotions and creams and powders. I have made a couple different batches of this and absolutely love the smell!! Great scent, performed perfectly in my soap.

Glade® Holiday Limited Edition Fragrance

Everyone loves this one. Is one of my best sellers. This FO smells exactly like the lilacs here in MN!! It is right on and my customers are loving it! This is very popular with my customers, smells true to lilac bushes. Performs very well with no seizing. Used in CP soaps and Lotions. I soaped it the same day I received it and am just blown away by the realistic scent.

It does accelerate in CP Soap but you should be fine if you blend your colors first and then stir in the fragrance. Made a 4 lb. Worked well in all my products.

Fragrance last in all products, not too strong, just right. Must keep this one in stock always. My CP soap is now curing and seems to be holding the fragrance very well. I bought two different lilac-type fragrances, and this one has a lighter, sweeter smell. I like it best of the two. It smells just like fresh lilac flowers in the spring.

This fragrance performs wonderfully in CP soap. This scent is just amazing!! Smells just like fresh spring lilac! This is by far my new favorite scent! This scent is right on and just beautiful! No problem using it in CP soap, and lotion. I was not sure which Lilac to get, I am glad I chose this one great Lilac fragrance. Everyone that sees the bar of CP soap loves the fragrance. I don't normally like florals, but this one is fantastic Was a hit with customers!

Love it when I was making it my husband went outside and came back in confused looking and says I thought a lilac was blooming and I just laughed. Like walking by a real lilac tree. Very soft and true sent, not fake or sugary. I use this for my liquid soap and melt and pour. Very fragrant and floral in finished cp soap. I love lilacs, so I am very picky about a lilac fragrance.

This one is to true, it smells like a bouquet of fresh picked lilacs. I will definitely be using this for everything lilac. I used this fragrance oil in party favour soap for a surprise birthday party - the smell was so lovely, it filled the party room with 'spring'!! People have since asked me to make more, as they loved the way it smelled in their bathrooms. I will definitely be purchasing more when I run out!! This is lilac in bloom for sure.

I got one smell of this from the bottle and wow. This is true lilac scent. As all of the WSP scents only a few drops needed per pound of soaps. The scent permeated my packages and everyone knew what I was bringing. This and Lily of the Valley are the favorites. This is just gorgeous. Nobody will be disappointed with this fragrance. Thank you again for another wonderful scent!!!

If it didn't accelerate trace, I would give it 10 stars. Next time I will skip the immersion blender and just stir by hand. Adjust warmer intensity to desired setting. Fragrance oils may collect on warmer unit over time. To clean, remove warmer unit from electrical outlet and wipe with dry cloth. Wash hands after handling. How do I know when to replace the fragrance oil bottle? Each see-through oil bottle provides long-lasting fragrancing. SC Johnson is aware that there have been postings on the Internet that have claimed that our products were involved in fires.

Because we are committed to selling safe products, SC Johnson thoroughly investigated these rumors. First, we confirmed that no one had contacted SC Johnson to tell us about these fires or to ask us to investigate them. Additionally, we had a leading fire investigation expert call the fire department representative who is identified in one of the Internet postings. That fireman indicated that he has no evidence that our products had caused any fire. After discovering an assembly error in a small number of that product, SC Johnson implemented a voluntary recall and provided extensive information about the product to the U.

SC Johnson has no knowledge of any credible reports of fire related to this product. Can I clean the warmer? Fragrance oils may collect on the warmer unit over time. To clean, remove warmer from electrical outlet and wipe the warmer with a dry cloth.