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Over 12, words are scrawled across each room of this historic plantation house and no one knows why. The world's largest occupied bat houses hold hundreds of thousands of flying mammals. Four metal statues of massive animal penises stand outside the university's Animal Sciences building.

Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park - Wikipedia

This foot-deep sinkhole created in the 14th century is home to rare plants and fungi. This natural wonderland is a unique chance to explore a Carolina bay, a mysterious geological formation of unknown origin. The massive mounds of golden sand look like a desert landscape randomly plopped in an Arctic forest. Established as a state park in , the sinkhole is about feet deep and feet across. The generous canopies of trees keep the site nicely shaded and the cool trickle of streams down into the sink keep the temperatures lower even in the middle of summer.

It takes about an hour to hike around and down to the sinkhole. There are steps to the bottom. But why such an ominous name? The foot 40 m deep, foot m wide sinkhole got its name from its similar appearance to the hopper of a mill , along with the bones found at the bottom, suggesting animals entered it on the way to meeting the devil.

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The Millhopper was owned for a time by the science department at the University of Florida and used as a research site for the students. Its unique ecosystem made it an invaluable resource for study.

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However, the Millhopper was often used by students as a place to socialize and have parties, which led to problems with litter and erosion from foot traffic. The site was purchased by the state in , and a set of wooden steps, along with boardwalks and an observation deck at the bottom were completed in to allow access to the sink for visitors without further soil erosion. The formation was designated a National Natural Landmark in , and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in part for its surviving Civilian Conservation Corps infrastructure in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Protected areas of Florida.

Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park

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