Guide Whither Axis Shift: A Perspective from Turkeys Foreign Trade (SETA Policy Reports Book 4)

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Aksan October 05, Christoph Schuhmann eds. Late 19th Century until the s By: From Crises to Change By: Greeks and Turks in the Era of Postnationalism By: September 05, Can Islam and Modernity be Reconciled?

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Euben, Journeys to the Other Shore: Results, Trends and the Future By: April 05, Turkey's Local Elections of Winners and Losers By: A View from Turkey By: A View from Israel By: A Break with the Past? Participatory Politics as a Catalyst By: The Writer in His Novels By: April 05, Arnold Reisman, Turkey's Modernization: Must Faith Be Privatized?

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The United States at War By: Opportunities and Challenges By: Bringing Credibility to "Strategic Partnership" By: An Egyptian Perspective By: A Century of Changing Perceptions By: Turkey's EU Accession By: While six of them were with Middle East and North African countries, seven with Asian countries, five with European countries and four with Latin American countries. Therefore, the numbers of visa-free travel agreements does not necessarily suggest that Turkey privileged its relations with the Middle East over other regions.

Discourse analysis is a meaningful methodology when it coincides with facts and practices or else pointless if it leads to digging history to find statements in order to distort the meaning of current practices. As I mentioned above, this is a common farcical assumption among political and academic circles in Turkey about Islamist movements and actors.

Here the issue is not that in foreign policy we should dispense with the latter dichotomies. Rather it is the pretention that these dichotomies are universally valid and neutral in depicting the intricacies of foreign policy making. To be non-reductionist, there has to be three elements that should be accounted for in any explanation of social action: Discourses of liminality and hybridity in post-Cold War Turkish foreign policy.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, , pp.