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Late May Studio: White Album Sessions Volume 1. Complete Home Recordings Have you spotted an error on the page? Do you want to suggest new content?

John Lennon On "Happiness Is A Warm Gun"

Or do you simply want to leave a comment? Please use the form below! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hanglide Happy Birthday To You. Song facts From Wikipedia: Writing and inspiration According to Lennon, the title came from a magazine cover that producer George Martin showed him: Interpretations Many different interpretations of the song have been offered.

Apple PMC white album Apple PCS white album Apple SWBO white album From Anthology 3 liner notes: Last updated on May 13, Backing vocals, Bass Ringo Starr: Drums, Tambourine John Lennon: Backing vocals, Lead guitar, Vocals George Harrison: Backing vocals, Lead guitar Chris Thomas: White Album Sessions Volume 1 Unofficial album 2: White Album Sessions Volume 1 Unofficial album 0: There is an organ or mellotron part that you can hear at the beginning of the mono mix.

It is either very low or not included in the stereo mix. At the very END, I can hear something that sounds like a keyboard: According to the session logs there was even a tuba used but it is so buried in the mix that it is virtually unheard. Is it true that Chris Thomas played on this?

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Also, is there any specific reason that George Martin did not produce the song? He produced the song — and several other White Album ones — because George Martin was on holiday. This has got to be one of my favorite Lennon tracks—ever. I think his vocals were great, and the music is interesting. As for the lyrics, I never really looked into it all that much, mainly becuase they probably would have some drug influence.

I know what most of their songs are about at those times—and that drugs influenced them. And I obviously know that they took drugs. I think I worded this weirdly, but I hope you get what I mean. There is an organ in the beginning.

The Piano was in the chorus in the end of the song but it was wiped in the mix. In some of the bootlegs of the song, you can hear it clearly. I read it some where a long time ago and if you listen to it again there is a hint of a japanese accent. George is a stud. If u had a thoroughbred mare that someone said you had only one chance at conception…one time to get the deed done…you would bring in George. This is a musical metaphor but still if you use your imagination I think u will get it.

You are on the money, Bobby Scotland. He certainly held his own and did his job. You can tell he just loved playing this lick. I think that the tone is so high that maybe it was sung by McCartney, despite it sounds strange. I guess he was just on a roll when they recorded that — the whole vocal ist just so… awe-inspiring. It is a distorted guitar. The opening of Revolution was done in this fashion too.

Let me tell you. Yesterday he started saying: Congratulations to your alert boy. I love that a year-old gets enraptured by Beatles music.


Did anybody find out how John imitates Mick Jagger in the last verse? In France, many books tell that this song talks about oral sex. Could anyone confirm and tell me please??

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My opinion — John just loved the way words sounded. He played with them for the lyrical effect rather than the actual meaning. Is very straight and simple, and I think John played it. George is actually playing the distorted guitar in the right channel, along with the fuzz toned lead guitar in the middle overdubbed.

And the other sexually-themed lines all through the song, it just seems appropriate….

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Both cases sound like Paul. On the subject of the keyboards, this is from Wikipedia. Someone needs to check out what songs Nicky Hopkins played with the Beatles. Just listened to this intently with headphones on. There is most definitely a piano or keyboard part. Sound more like like a piano. The organ is probably Lennon. He really felt it with this one! Whatever the meaning, a brilliant song that John Lennon could only have written. I spent more than a few years of my youth obsessing over this song. Lizard on a Windowpane; Warm Gun Yeah! To find out that the reference was a bit more literal than I thought cracked me up!

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

My favorite White Album song! Great song from the start to the end. Playing it and making it sound right it is just lots of fun! Love the lyrics melody. One of my first introductions outside of the game the game obviously has a very short catalog across The Beatles as a band. This is who played what according to beatlesebooks.

Curiously this track was omitted on at least one version of the album. My friend brought the LP back from the far east around Imagine my puzzlement at seeing this unexpected and unusual song the sheet music gives no clue as to how extraordinary it sounds. George Martin showed me the cover of a magazine that said, 'Happiness is a warm gun'.

I thought it was a fantastic, insane thing to say. A warm gun means you've just shot something. It was late one night drinking in the bar and this local fellow who liked meeting holiday makers and rapping to them suddenly said to us, 'I like wearing moleskin gloves you know. It gives me a little bit of an unusual sensation when I'm out with my girlfriend.

But that provided the line, 'She's well acquainted with the touch of the velvet hand'. I don't know where the 'soap impression of his wife' came from but the eating of something and then donating it to the National Trust came from a conversation we'd had about the horrors of walking in public spaces on Merseyside, where you were always coming across the evidence of people having crapped behind bushes and in old air raid shelters. So to donate what you've eaten to the National Trust was what would now be known as 'defecation on common land owned by the National Trust.

It was like a whole mess of colour. Happiness Is A Warm Gun was another one which was banned on the radio — they said it was about shooting up drugs. But they were advertising guns and I thought it was so crazy that I made a song out of it. It wasn't about 'H' at all. On, well, by then I'm into double meanings. The initial inspiration was from the magazine cover. But that was the beginning of my relationship with Yoko and I was very sexually oriented then. When we weren't in the studio, we were in bed. B,n Monday 5 January Kristel Gray Saturday 22 February Jeff Cole Tuesday 2 September Julian Tuesday 2 September Both drum tracks on Lady Madonna was Ringo.

Random Friday 27 February Monday 27 June Greg Tuesday 22 July Ryan Thursday 27 October It thickens up the guitar part a lot and also adds to the songs darkness Loading Yeah, that bit where the song goes into 3 time but the drums stay in 4 time is just insane… Loading Sunday 22 July Monday 27 April Tweeze Tuesday 27 September

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