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Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. It's free and yours to keep. Available in Russia Shop from Russia to buy this item. About this title Audio Format. Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. After another encounter with Besteel and meeting an alien named Rovender Kitt and a large behemoth Otto identified as a giant water bear by the Omnipod , Eva reunites with Muthr in her now demolished home and convinces the Sanctuary computer to allow the robot to escort her to the next underground Sanctuary.

When they find it abandoned they convince Rovender to lead them to the royal city of Solas. The group has several more encounters with Besteel and other aliens, in which Eva is nearly embalmed for display at the royal museum. While in the museum she learns that the life forms of this planet called "Orbona" by its natives arrived long ago on a dead world that they "reawakened" for their own use. She also discovers many ancient human artifacts and learns of a ruined human civilization beyond a dangerous desert.

Eva, Muthr, Rovender, and Otto cross the desert to discover the remains of an ancient human city buried under the sands. Besteel soon arrives and attacks, severely damaging Muthr. Eva then uses her Omnipod to attract several deadly Sand Snipers that kill Besteel and drag him beneath the sand. Muthr, unable to be repaired, dies shortly afterwards, and when the remaining characters tunnel into one of the buried buildings they discover that it was once the New York Public Library , meaning Orbona was once Earth.

The Search For WondLa

Fr a nk Baum. This leads her to the conclusion that Earth died, and was reawakened as Orbona. In the epilogue, a human boy named Hailey swoops down from the sky in an airship named the Bijou and informs Eva that he is there to take her home.

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For that is what Eva Nine wants more than anything: I picked up this the second book after seeing that it was by one of the authors of the Spiderwick Chronicles and was recommeded by both Suzanne Collins and Rick Riordian. It was not until about 40 pages in that I realized that I was reading the second book, and by then, I had to get the first. Which I did, that day from the library. I devoured the first one over a day and a half, but took more time with the second one, because I found myself wanting to stop and think about it more. Now I just have to wait for the next one!

Jul 05, Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I give away a small piece of the plot. I had to put this book on a LOT of "shelves" here at Goodreads! It got 5 stars from me, I listened to it as an audiobook it had a great reader! It's a book for both genders; the main character and poin Warning: In the first book, The Search for WondLa, we see Eva 9 come of age and leave her sanctuary home for the first time.

I love that this book takes all the great aspects of YA dystopian fiction and takes out all the hard violence and "darkness" and mushy romance to make it suitable for the younger set. But because it has some harder subjects, like Eva 9 still dealing with the loss of her mother, or finding out through trial and error who she trust, it could still appeal to teens or even older folks, like me. May 11, Kevin rated it really liked it.

This second book brings all that was well done about the first and adds in more details and more depth to the characters. DiTerlizzi continues his wonderful world building and adds in a real sense of danger and menace to this book in the form of the humans Eva Nine finally meets. Like all good world builders, DiTerlizzi has created a world filled with interesting creatures and cultures that seem to have ancient and complex histories behind them.

And just when you being to think the story might be This second book brings all that was well done about the first and adds in more details and more depth to the characters. And just when you being to think the story might be simple he adds in a twist of a layer of complexity.

And yet there is a simplicity and beauty to the story that makes it a real joy to read. For those who read the first book this is an obvious must read. If you haven't yet read WondLa I highly recommend it before starting the second book. Now the wait for the third book begins Sep 27, Terry Costantini rated it really liked it.

What a great series. The problem with teen books is that the author often settles for a simplistic story that doesn't satisfy older readers. This is not the case with the Wondla series. The first book hooked me, and the second book extended the story in an ultra-cool way. The ideas are deep and interesting, and the writing and intermittent illustrations are really awesome. I like the series, but I am really sick of trilogies All of my students would What a great series. All of my students would love this one.

Feb 13, Nicole rated it it was amazing. I don't know how he does it, but Tony manages to create an entirely new fairy tale. It's got elements of classic style, but fully set in the future and I cannot help but love it. This is the second in the Wondla trilogy and it's just as woderful as the first book. Though darker, and a bit more fast paced, this book continues the story of Evan Nine very well. I cannot wait til the third book is released!!

Jun 07, Charisa rated it it was amazing.

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I love the world that Tony has created. I read it in one day. Jan 03, Lynette rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is another great book by Tony DiTerlizzi. His mix of adventure, art and life lessons make this a great story for children and adults alike. Aug 25, 78sunny rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mit keinen anderen Buch, dass ich kenne ist das auch nur ansatzweise zu vergleichen. Das Buch an sich ist beige mit matt blauer Schrift, was richtig edel aussieht. Ohne das Vorwissen aus Band 1 sollte man aber auf gar keinen Fall Band 2 lesen. Ein wenig ist es als ob man im ersten Band den Baumstamm kennengelernt hat, in diesem Band aber die gesamte Baumkrone erobert.

Die Handlung wies bereits am Anfang wieder so viel Unerwartetes auf, dass es einen direkt gepackt hat. Immer wieder werden neue Dinge aufgedeckt und sehr geschickt weiterentwickelt. Das Ganze spielt in der Zukunft und ist utopische Natur. Man hat es hier mit Fantasywesen, Aliens Wer eine realistische Dystopie erwartet, liegt hier falsch. Auch wenn die Fantasywesen- und pflanzen und auch die 'Aliens' sehr kindgerecht dargestellt sind, wirken sie auf Erwachsene nicht kindisch.

Aber alles wie schon gesagt ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger — alles wird richtig toll in die Story verpackt. Der Science Fiction Anteil ist ebenfalls kindgerecht aber kann auch Erwachsene begeistern. Auf Waffen, Raumschiffe und Hightech-Gimmicks wird genauso intensiv eingegangen wie auf die verschiedenen fantastischen Wesen. Es hat ein wenig StarWars Charakter. Der Schreibstil ist packend und trotzdem einfach kindgerecht.

Die Geschichte wird in der dritten Person und der Vergangenheit geschildert, was sehr gut zur Story passt. Man bleibt immer bei Eva Neun und erlebt daher nur die Sachen, die auch in ihrer Umgebung passieren. Das macht das ganze besonders spannend, da man genauso verwirrt ist und genauso im Dunkeln tappt wie sie. Die Handling ist sehr gut durchdacht und weist viele unvorhersehbare Wendungen auf.

Es wird nie langweilig. Eva reagiert angemessen auf solche Situationen, aber es wird sich nicht zu lange bei diesen depressiven Szenen aufgehalten.

A Hero For WondLa | WondLa

Trotz der vielen Spannung und Action ist das Buch an keiner Stelle gewaltverherrlichend oder zu brutal. Es werden immer auch die Auswirkungen dieses Verhaltens mit in die Story eingebaut. Zu den Emotionen habe ich ja bereits etwas gesagt. Aber es wird immer noch so tief darauf eingegangen, dass es auf einen Erwachsenen nicht wie ein reines Kinderbuch wirkt. Eva Neun hat man sowieso ins Herz geschlossen, aber sie wird in diesem Band deutlich erwachsener ohne gleich eine Superheldin zu werden.

Das Buch hat dadurch einen hohen Lerngehalt, der allerdings unterschwellig vermittelt wird. Hilfreich sind hier auch die Zeichnungen, die vom Autor selbst stammen. Ich habe euch aber nirgends zu viel verraten und ihr solltet diese originelle Buchreihe unbedingt selbst lesen. Erwachsene werden dagegen begeistert sein. Mar 28, Jessica rated it it was amazing. Instantly, we get to meet the newest character, Hailey, who I simply cannot take seriously due to his name, among other things.

We see he's kind of a preoccupied jerk, and then we get to go right back to 'ohmygosh yes yes I want to explore Orbona in an airship! I would have still read it if that's what it had been. Instead, we get the even more awesome story of what happens to Eva Nine as she is 'rescued' by Hailey and brought to New Attica, which happens to be the only human colony on Orbona. Eva is this kind of human called a reboot, who are raised in Sanctuaries and then brought to the main city after they reach a certain age.

From there, it starts to get fun, so I'll let you just read the book if you want the plot. After all, it is so worth it. Remember how insane-o I was over the first book? Imagine the awesomeness of that, multiplied a few times. I swear, this series was made for me. There are just so many aspects that had me positively sucked in and over the moon. First off, the characters and their development were even better than the first book. I really saw Eva grow up in this book, while still retaining the personality that made me love her in the first place.

She starts to mature, and even though she still is terrible with expressing her emotions especially towards Hailey, who she is not too thrilled with at various points in the novel she holds that key component to a coming-of-age story; that is, she's growing up. She even celebrates a birthday! That counts for something somewhere, doesn't it? Not only was there Eva, oh no sir! We get to see the ever-awesome blue Rovee yet again. If there's an award for Bestest Buddies Ever, he and Eva deserve it, because the relationship the two hold throughout the story was so heartwarming, and reminded me a lot of a father's relationship with his daughter.

Not only does Rovee act as the sage guide like he did in the first book, but we also get to delve into his past and the like. Those were some of my favorite scenes character-wise. Of course, there were more than just old faces. Among the most rememberable were Cadmus Pryde and Eva Eight.

A Hero for Wondla by Tony DiTerlizzi--Book Trailer

Cadmus is the father of this new revival of the human culture, and I'm not too sure about his motives and backstory. He's very much the enigma, and I have a feeling the next book will deal with the questions I have about him.

A Hero for WondLa

If we don't get more on Cadmus, I will be upset. He seems like such an awesome character, and if you don't give the awesome characters believable everything, then they become not-so-great. However, Eva Eight blew me away. She was the spitting image of what role she plays, and if you are like me, it will put a big authory grin on your face.

She holds incredibly human traits, and despite some of her choices, I thought she was incredibly easy to relate to and empathize with. All she wanted was a family, and that alone blew her up into this amazing side character with the oomph to propel the story the way she wanted it. Plus, she had some of my favorite lines. I don't think she realized she was talking to a girl on the cusp of teen-hood some of the time, and it made what she said smirk-worthy.

Secondly, New Attica was way up my alley. It's the complete opposite of the environment of the first book. Where Rovee, Eva, and Muthr had to traverse deserts and visit tiny fishing villages in the first novel, in this one Rovee and Eva are sucked into the world of New Attica. It's decked out in holograms, technology, and a people who remind me of a certain place that was totally pretty-making. Honestly, the three Gens who cracked me up, as they reminded me of some girls I know could have easily replaced the ditzy partygoers of New Pretty Town and survived.

In fact, they'd probably skyrocket with the zany outfits they were sporting. Not only was the crazy tech-topia a great setting, but it was well-described. Sometimes authors who write worlds like this shine over how things work, and more importantly, how on earth anyone ever paid for it. Not in this book, though! We saw the inner workings of it all, right down to why they had power rations when, in reality, they could use all the power they wanted. That is one thing I've noticed about Mr. DiTerlizzi- he does not leave things to be untied unless he's knotting them later on.

Everything is very easy to follow, and all of what is going on is mentioned. If Eva Nine is stuck in a blimp hangar, I know where she is in said hangar and how she can get to the escape. I know who's in there, and I know what it is that is stopping her from just running through there and setting everything on fire or something. I really appreciate it, as it keeps me in the story instead of floating off in my imagination, wondering what the world looks like that Eva is in.

Which brings me to my third point! The art is still as smashing as it was in the first book. I thought that the change in tonality- instead of the sepias, it was all drawn in shades of blue- was a nice touch, considering that for a portion of the book Eva's hair is blue. Blue hair for the win! All of the pictures of New Attica made me love it even more.

Also, there's one picture late in the book with Rovee and Eva in conversation, and there's Otto standing in the background with the cutest expression ever on his water bear face. I think a part of me melted when I saw it. Overall, I was totally over the moon once again while reading this book. It is certainly worth reading, especially if you enjoyed the first. Fans of Scott Westerfeld's Uglies will certainly relate with this book in particular, as it holds very similar elements in the town of mindless image-obbsessed souls.

If I were to complain about anything, it would probably be the lack of explanation for the villains. We don't know how they became so corrupted, we don't really know what they want actually, we only know sort-of-kind-of-not-really what they separately want.

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I really don't like enigmatic villains that stay enigmatic. I expect this to be remedied in Book Three, just like Cadmus's personality. I would have also liked if the whole HRP deal had been explained a little more. Unfortunately, Eva Nine didn't care about it enough to let it dominate any part of her attention. Still, these are very small complaints for what I felt was a very good book. I'm starting to get a grasp of the underlying message, and while it's certainly a common one, I see no issue with that.

Sure, it's been done before, but Mr.