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Storm The Castle Diorama Part 7. How to make Ink. I have done tutorials on how to make paper and how to make a feather writing quill. Now I finish off that series with a tutorial on how to make ink. And it is real easy to do! You probably have everything you need right in the kitchen. This is a pretty crazy sword in the video game. And it is even crazier in real life. And the eyeball really looks around!

See how to make this project with some basic materials. Make a Damascus Steel knife out of paper. Damascus steel is the commonly used name for pattern welded steel. It has beautiful lines and patterns in it. In this tutorial I show you how to make a knife in this style using layers of paper. Make a Damascus Steel paper knife. A thaumatrope is the very first example of the phenomenon of persistence of vision where images merge together. And in a way it is where film and animation started. Two images blur together as you spin it. I have a tutorial on how to make one and I give you three sets of images in a template so you can print them up and make them.

Nice little project with a twist. This is the sword from the Series of Books. Easy project and I give you the template. Make a plastic model tank and a diorama for it. In this tutoria I show you how a plastic model tank is made and I also show you how to make a neat little diorama to go with it. Easy project called "Crossroads". Make a tank and diorama. Fun and easy little project and I show you a technique that all blacksmiths use but very few talk about.

See a Problem?

How to make Dragonscale Chainmail. This is a wonderful chainmail weave that looks really beautiful. Two different sized rings. I show you everything, step by step. How to make dragonscale chainmail. Make the Phantom Blade from Assassin's Creed. Fun foam board project that really shoots. You just need a few basic supplies and I give you the template and have it all figured out for you.

Print it up and put it together. Make the Phantom Blade. Paper Making Part 2 - Some techniques for nicer paper. In this part we get a little bit more in depth and I show you some things like adding cotton to the paper, dipping it and even forming the paper into shapes. Intermediate, yet still easy, paper making. This is an easy Polymer clay project. It doesn't really work as a pipe but it is a nice prop with an elven leaf stand. How to Make a Wizard's Pipe like Gandalf's.

A Phenakistoscope is often referred to as a magic disk. The disk has a series of images on it and when you spin it an animation happens! Yup, I give you everything you need to make this early animation device. Just print up the template along with four different magic disks. Make a Dragonbone Dagger. This is a fun and easy project that you can do quickly and it looks great. I show you a neat technique for painting the blade to look like bone. And of course I give you the template. Make the dragonbone dagger.

This is an easy foam board project from the very popular Sword Art Online. Make Katarina's Daggers from League of Legends. Nice little project that is easy to make. You can have this done in no time with just a few basic supplies like foamboard or cardboard.

PVC is wonderful for making swords and weapons. It is cheap, strong and readily available. And you can even heat it up and shape it. Check out the tutorial here: I just started another beehive and it is an interesting process. Learn about it here. How to set up a beehive. Foam board is terrific for making swords. It is strong and easy to work with. I show you techniques for how to do it. And along the way we make this beautiful sword!

How to Make a foam board sword. A zoetrope is a fun little optical illusion project. You might even call it an animation project. You put a series of images inside a tube and spin the tube. Look through slots you made and the images become an animation. And I give you the template with the animation ready to go.

Free Hands-on Tutorials and Projects. The Website that shows you how to make things!

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Check out my youtube channel here. Click Here to view Will's most popular projects. Will's Newest Book is now available on Amazon! Are you interested in telescopes and the night sky? See It with a Small Telescope: Will Travels Medieval America -. Will is on a quest to build a castle.

And as part of this he has embarked on an adventure across America visiting castles, blacksmiths, meaderies, museums and all sorts of medieval places. You can follow along on the adventure! Yes, there are castles in America and Will is visiting them!! Check it out here: Make the sword of Perseus from a museum statue. This sword is from a year old marble statue in the New York Metropolitan Museum. The statue depicts Perseus slaying Medusa. And we make this exact sword out of foam board. Make the sword of Perseus. Make a Patton Tank Plastic Model. Fun and easy plastic model build.

Easily done in a few hours and an inexpensive model. One of the more popular ones made by Revell. Tutorial includes a video. This is a fast and easy project made by Paul. And you just need a few materials. Wondering how to make the claws? They are easily made with an inexpensive moldable plastic called Insta-Morph. Check it out here and you will be so happy with the ease of this project that you may start howling at the moon! I have the first version of this castle done. It is an eight page pdf which includes the base sheet that you assemble it on. There are not yet any instructions to go with it.

But you should be able to put it together relatively easily. I recommend you print it up onto some kind of index card or card stock. Merry Mead Castle Paper booklet. If you need 90 pound paper it is available on amazon right here. Make a Diorama from a scene in a novel. Easy diorama making tutorial that looks at the fun and challenges of depicting a scene from your favorite novel. I create a scene from my upcoming novel "The Left-handed Sword". Techniques include LED lights, sculpting miniatures and more. Make a Diorama from a scene from a novel.

Make the Killmonger Spear. Fun and easy foamboard project based on one of the spears in the blockbuster movie "Black Panther. Amazing how good this spear looks. And it is made from a single sheet of foamboard. Make the Killmonger spear. Make the Killmonger Sword. This is a video tutorial on my youtube channel. Never been to my youtube channel? You really should check it out.

Lots and lots of projects. Start with the Killmonger sword tutorial video right here: Make the Killmonger sword. Making the cardboard phonograph was a fun project that uses a paper cone and a needle to play a record. I couldn't resist adding some electronics to it! Here is how I did it. Electrifying the Cardboard Phonograph. This is an easy foam board or cardboard project. You can have this fancy looking dagger done in no time and with few materials. Either cardboard or foamboard work for this. And of course, I give you the template! Make a Kris Dagger.

Alcohol markers are bright and vibrant. They are becoming very popular and pretty handy in that you can blend them. I have some tips and information about them for you here. All About Alcohol Markers. I am using them to color the paper MerryMead Castle. I have it all laid out for you right here including a printable list.

There isn't a lot needed to get started. Here are the tools you should get. If you frequent my website you know about my small telescope book. It was a lot of work and I am very proud of it. Are you an aspiring writer? Would you like to get a publishing deal? Here in this article I tell you how I did it. And I tell you how you can do it too! How to Get a book deal. Will Makes a Guest appearance on the Dr.

Sky radio show to talk about his new book on small telescopes. Learn more about the show and listen to it here. It isn't high fidelity but it does work. And the secret is a sewing needle and a paper cone. No electronics or electricity. We make it with a hand crank. Fun project and a bit nostalgic. Make a Foamboard Phonograph. This is a clever little project where we make an Ireland scene inside a box of Irish Spring Soap. There is a lot of creative potential in this idea.

You can have a lot of fun with all kinds of product boxes. In this one we make a good looking tree with brown paper and add a mushroom fairy ring. The Irish Spring Diorama in a box of soap. The Flying Fortress is a big model 19" long and a skill level 4. I like this model. It is a fun build with a lot of internal parts and a very detailed cockpit. In this tutorial, which includes a video I show you how it's built and I give you an extra bonus by showing you something called Perfect Plastic Putty which is used to fill and smooth seams and cracks in plastic models.

Make the Flying Fortress Plastic Model. In this tutorial, which includes a video. I show you some easy techniques for making a diorama. It includes easy painting and easy grass and bushes. Make an airstrip diorama for a military aircraft. I show you how to make a mount for a big 8 inch telescope that we previously made in an earlier tutorial. This telescope mount is functional, unique and easy to make. Make a Telescope part 2: This is a fun and easy project that explores the question of How black is black?

You might be surprised to know that some blacks are blacker than others. See the project and learn more here: EVA foam is floor matting used in dojos and gyms. I use it to stand on at my work bench. It is great for anti-fatigue. It is also terrific for armor and weapons. I show you how to make this double bladed axe out of it. And I include the template. Easy project that you can make quickly. Another fun cardboard project to make.

It shakes like a rattlesnake when you pick it up. Make a Rattlesnake in a box.

Storming the Castle

Make a Marble-tilt labyrinth game out of a cardboard box. A box and some creativity and you have a fun game. Make the labyrinth any way you like. I also have some clever labyrinth ideas for you. Make a Marble-tilt labyrinth game. The Grand Canyon is one of the Natural Wonders of the world.

And it is something that many people want to see at least once in their life. Same goes for me. But something else happened on my trip to the Canyon. I came to the realization that Arizona is quite amazing, with a whole lot more to offer. Check out more here. Want to get started working with it? This tutorial is perfect. The dagger is strong yet safe. Make an EVA foam dagger. This is an excellent EVA Foam tutorial showing you how to make a mask. You can use these techniques to make just about any mask. EVA Foam is terrific! This tutorial was shared with us by a web visitor.

How to Make Mandalore the Ultimate's Mask. Fun build Skill Level 3 and it turns out great. I take you through the process step by step and give you some tips and techniques. Make a Viking Ship Model. This is a video tutorial. The link takes you to my youtube channel. How to take pictures of the sun with any type of digital camera. Make Senua's sword from the video game Hellblade. Easy project, 1 sheet of foamboard. This isn't a complete tutorial. It is just an overview of the steps and materials.

Submitted by a web visitor. She needed forged nail swords to add to the project. So I forged up a bunch of them for her. Make a White Walker Bust. Terrific tutorial submitted to me by a web visitor. He shows us how to do it. It's a nice shaded area with a roof and electricity. It is very neat and it makes a very big difference in my blacksmithing. Learn more about it and why it helps here.

Have you ever heard of the work triangle? The New blacksmithing Shop. Will's Newest Paper Castle kit: Woodforde Castle - Fun and easy paper castle kit. Complete pdf with all the parts and instructions on how to make it. Free paper Castle Kit. Skill level 2 build with some interesting differences than my other builds. This one has something called Zimmerit which is a clay-like coating on parts of the exterior of the vehicle.

And this one came with a real metal chassis which gives the model some weight and heft. Make Wonder Woman's Sword Godkiller. One sheet of foam board and I give you the template. Nice sword that comes out great and is pretty strong. Make the Wonder Woman Sword. Make Wonder Woman's Bracers. Easy craft foam project and I give you the template. Actually three different size templates so you can choose the size that is right for you. I also show you how to use regular paints to achieve this nice metallic look.

Make Wonder Woman's Bracers - included template. Make Excalibur from the new King Arthur Movie. This is a fun little project and the sword comes out great. Easy to do and you just need a few materials including two sheets of foamboard and a couple of black shoelaces. And, as always, I give you the template. Making a fruit mead melomel? Here are some tips for getting more fruit flavor. Making a fruit mead can be surprising. You can add a pound of fruit and let it ferment. And when it is done it will have just a hint of the fruit flavor!

How do you get your melomel to have a more potent fruit flavor? Well, Maybe you need more cowbell!!! In this tutorial I make a batch of mead and lay out some tricks for getting more flavor from the fruit. Included is a video. How to get more fruit flavor in your mead. How to Build,Stain and Seal a beehive. You can save money by purchasing the wooden parts and putting them together yourself.

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  8. And it gives you control over the look and color of your hive. We do two hives and take you through the steps right here: How to Build, Stain and Seal a beehive. Make Stained Glass Beehive Ornaments. This is a fun little project. We make stained glass flowers shaped out of hexagons that look like honey comb. I show you how to do stained glass from start to finish. And we mount them on the beehives. How to make Stained Glass Beehive Ornaments. A look at creativity as it happens - I video the process of thinking up an idea for a project.

    It starts with just a small kernel of an idea and grows from there. This is a video right here: A look at the Creative Process. They are all the rage right now. And they are very easy to make. Pick up a part at a hardware store and make one. I show you how to make one from a variety of different parts and I make an enormous one that actually works. Make a Fidget Spinner. Easy waterfalls and diorama water with Elmer's Clear glue gels.

    But the real thing about this is the various water effects you can make with the new Elmer's Clear Glue Gels. We make a Waterfall, brook, fountain and pond. Easy Water effects Diorama. This is a big sword that can be used one-handed or two-handed. And it is easy to make.

    It all fits on one sheet of foamboard and I give you the template. How to make a Knight's Templar sword. A flanged mace is a powerful percussive weapon. The flanges allow it to bite into an opponents armor. I show you how to make one with a wooden dowel and foam board. And as a bonus I show you how to make one with EVA foam so you can actually use it to have some combat fun! How to make a Medieval Flanged Mace. There are a lot of different types of foam out there, things like Styrofoam. And it can be confusing. But I have it all figured out for you. The types of foams, how to use them and how to make things with them.

    Includes a video tutorial. And my favorite foam is something called XPS. Learn all about crafting with foam here. It's very easy to do. If you need tracing paper but don't have any then you can make some from regular printer paper. And it is useful for many projects other than tracing. Projects like my shadow theater, lightbox and camera obscura.

    How to Make Tracing Paper. It is a fun little project that is easy to make. And it is perfect for unique story telling. You can create little stories, little characters and bring them to life. I also show you several ways to animate your characters. How to make a shadow theater.

    It is a distinct type of diorama and the traditional form of this art would display a realistic natural landscape. I take it to another level and create a fantasy landscape with a hero and a beast in a cave. How to Make a Bonkei tray landscape. Make an Apache Attack Helicopter Model. This is a fun skill level 2 helicopter model. I show you how to make it step by step. Make an Apache helicopter. I love building plastic models. It is a quiet pursuit. I used to do it as a kid and now in my adult years I have returned to. How to make a plastic model tank. This is a fun and easy project.

    And you can handle it a lot because it is durable. I also show you a new technique for making the bevel on bladed weapons. How to Make a Viking Axe. Working with 3d Printed miniatures. You can now buy them or have them easily printed up for you. I take a look at them, how to get them printed, how to paint them and much more in this tutorial, including lighting them up with an LED. Working with 3d printed miniatures These are the minis that go in the dungeon project. Make a Dungeon Diorama with 3d Printed Miniatures.

    I show you some great techniques for making a dungeon diorama which is also good for table top gaming. I also have some 3d printed minatures in this diorama. Make a Dungeon Diorama. Make the Gunblade from Final Fantasy. An easy project that comes out great looking. You only need one sheet of foamboard or a sheet of cardboard. You can't go wrong with this project. It will come out great.

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    Make a plastic model Huey Helicopter. This is the Marine version of the famous Huey and it is complete with armaments. Fun and easy skill level 2 build. Make a Model Helicopter. A video on the basics of Stamp Collecting. I cover some of the basics of the hobby including where to get stamps, how to put them in albums and how to identify watermarks, grills and more: An introduction to Stamp Collecting. It is the technique of doing origami with sheets of plastic rather than sheets of paper. It has some interesting differences including you can use a heat gun on it.

    Learn more and see a fold here: It is an easy unit to build and it is dual purpose. You can use it as a hand-held unit and as a table-top unit. How to make a hot wire foam cutter. Paper towel and Bathroom Tissue tubes! They are everywhere and there are lots of creative projects you can make with them. I have ideas for you right here and it includes a youtube video. Fun things to make with Paper Towel Tubes.

    How to start a goldfish aquarium. I show you all the basics and take you through all the steps including setting up the tank, adding the water and chemicals and adding youir goldfish. How to Start a goldfish aquarium. Castle walls developed over the course of years between the 12th and 17th centuries. It is a fascinating development. You will be surprised by what they really are about. They are not just walls! Learn about Castle Walls right here. I also made a neat little model for this tutorial.

    Storm The Castle Diorama Part I rebuilt a lot of the walls on the big diorama project.

    Storm The Castle -Creativity and lots of projects you can make!

    In this tutorial I show you how to do it and I show you some nice painting techniques for achieving the stone wall look. How to Make a Sword Forge. When making a sword you don't need a forge or anvil. But, you run into the problem of how to harden and temper the blade? You need to heat the whole blade at the same time. And you can do this with a sword forge. In this tutorial I show you why and I take you through the easy making of a forge like this.

    And I have included a video. How to Make a Sword forge. It's all about the steel. You have probably heard the term "high carbon steel". Are interested in knowing exactly what it means? And seeing as there is high carbon steel there is of course a low carbon steel.

    There is even one right between the two. In this tutorial I explain to you what that all means and how it affects sword making. And of course I have a video too. Will's Guide to Star Gazing - Knowing a few simple things can make a tremendous difference in how much you enjoy an evening of star gazing. I give you tips and techniques on what to look for and how to get the most out of the night sky without a telescope.

    This is another fun automatic weapon project. With this one the head of the mace has spikes that go in and out. Good thing that knights from the past didn't have double A batteries: Learn more about The Electric Mace. With this sword you can eat a sandwich and battle a dragon at the same time. No more Arm fatigue when you wield this sword! The Lazy Man's Sword. Make a Rapunzel Paper Diorama Tatebanko. Here is an easy scene from the Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel that you can make. I give you everything in the template. You print it up and put it together. Make a Rapunzel Paper Diorama. Make a Ship in a Bottle.

    We make a scene from the Odyssey. It is the Sirens and Odysseus tied to the mast of his ship. I teach you the basics of making a ship in a bottle or how do you get that ship in there! Make a ship in a bottle. Make a Pirate Cutlass. T his is a fun sword project that also has a secret treasure chest compartment where you can store your pirate treasure.

    I give you the template which makes it very easy for you to make. A rapier was a dueling sword from the 15th to 17th centuries and it is a great looking sword because of the intricate handle guard work. I have a template for you and you can make it with one sheet of foamboard. How to Make a Rapier. Pvc is plastic pipe and it is readily available and very cheap at every home improvement store.

    I give you the parts list and show you how to make this easy to make catapult. Make a PVC Catapult. Fun, easy, and safe project made out of foam and sponge. But it is durable. How to make a Medieval Mace includes my yutube video tutorial. Make a Medieval Mace. Make a Gun Shield. It is a shield and it is a gun. I spotted this peculiar weapon in a museum and thought it would be fun to make. I show you how. And it really shoots gumballs.

    Make the Attack on Titan Sword. This is an easy project that turns out great. You just need one sheet of foamboard. How to make the Attack on Titan Sword. How to make a miniature house. Fun project and it all is very suited for making dollhouses too. This is foamboard at its best! And this tutorial includes a youtube video. How to Make a miniature house.

    This is a video on a creativity technique I call Conflation. This link takes you directly to the video on my youtube channel: Creativity, Conflation, and a Contest Giveaway. Make a Tatebanko Wizard's Sanctum paper diorama. Tatebanko is the Japanese art of paper dioramas and it is quite wonderful. I have the packet all set for you. Download it, print it and put this paper diorama together. Make a Tatebanko Wizard's Sanctum. How to Make Paper from Corn.

    Arrow Soundtrack: Season 3 - yguvyvihiteq.gqng the Castle

    Corn husk is very fibrous and that is great for paper. I show you how to use corn husks to make paper. Fun little project and easy to build. I take you through the steps of making this military torpedo boat. And the commander of this boat was John F. I tell you about the amazing story of this boat during WWII. Make a Damascus Steel Knife -. Damascus steel is challenging to make. But you don't have to make it for a knife. You can buy a blank and make a knife with it.

    I show you how in this tutorial: Make a Viking Shield. You can make this with foamboard or cardboard. Either way it comes out graet and is double layered for strength. Make a Viking Sword and Helmet. This is an easy project that you can make. And you only need a few supplies. I even give you the template for the sword. How to Make a Viking Sword and Helmet. Setting up the beehive - How to install a bee package. Three pounds of bees is around 10, bees. How do you get them, and the queen, into the hive?

    How to install a bee package into a hive. How to Make a Stained Glass window. Stained glass is an art that almost died out. Good thing it didn't! It is beautiful and you can make it too. I show you how, step by step and I have a video to go with it. How to make a stained glass window.

    What Does Storm the Castle Mean?

    How to Set up a Goldfish Tank. I got myself three adorable goldfish. I am obsessed with them! Here is a tutorial on what to get and what to do if you want an easy start with an aquarium. How to Set up a goldfish aquarium. How to Forge a Spear. It is an interesting four step process to forging the tip of a spear. I use a piece of mild steel and show you how. I also have a video so you can watch how to do it. How to forge a spear. This is a wonderful little plastic model kit. I chose this one because it has the open side so you can see all the various stuff inside the sub. Fun skill level 4 which means it is a challenging build and I also have a video.

    Make a Model Submarine. Make the Dark Souls Zweihander Out of wood. Big sword from the game Dark Souls. And we make it out of wood you can buy at the Home Depot for strength. I show you how: Make the Dark Souls Zweihander. This is a good looking sword that is easy to make with foam board or cardboard. Make the Silver Knight Straight Sword.

    How to Make Miniature trees from Household materials. Miniature trees are expensive. But I have a nice alternative. You can make them with three materials: Brown paper, a kitchen sponge and glue. And they come out great. Make a Nebula in a bottle. A nebula is a beautiful object in the night sky. And you can have one on your bureau or desk. I show you how to make one with a few around the house items.

    Make a nebula in a bottle. Wonderful telescope with good light gathering power. I take you through each step to make the complete optical tube assembly. This is part 1 of a two part series. This was a fun, sexy short story that follows A Kiss at Midnight and gives us the yummy Wicks happily ever after.

    Phillipa has been betrothed to Rodney since they were children and he proclaimed his love for her, but as the story opens and they consummate their engagement Phillipa realizes she can not marry him. As she does not want to do that ever again! She hears how the new prince and princess are having difficulties with their new baby and runs off to help with the This was a fun, sexy short story that follows A Kiss at Midnight and gives us the yummy Wicks happily ever after.

    She hears how the new prince and princess are having difficulties with their new baby and runs off to help with the little guy After she arrives and meets Wick, they both know that they have found their soulmates. However, even though Phillipa is posing as a nursemaid, it becomes evident that she is a lady and Wick, as the butler though truly he is the illegitimate half brother of the prince know he can never marry her and force her to downgrade her station. But still, they continue to meet up and have some lovely kisses and when Phillipa finally breaks down Wicks barrier about not sleeping together, ah, so sweet.

    He shows her what true lovemaking is like and she of course, wants more. Phillipa returns home with her father and gets a promise from Wick that she will wait one week for him to come get her. The ending is very sweet and shows the deep love that Phillipa and Wick have for each other and also the love that Phillipas father has for her, and his desire to see her happy. This was a great little story to tide me over until the next book in the series, When Beauty Tamed the Beast, comes out in a month and I can't wait! View all 8 comments. This is my first time reading anything by Eloisa James, the writing style was to my liking What I really liked in this novella was that it didn't have the misunderstanding theme that most romance books have, I detest that cause when they just have mis-communication regarding a saying or something it creates disasters throughout the book, which this book didn't have Thank God!!

    XD - I know it was a novella but it felt too short, when I was enjoying it very much it just ended, and I'm still pondering how Wick got all the contingent and entourage with him, wasn't he penniless and stuff, then suddenly he's a to-be-doctor and a land owner? Dec 27, Tammy Walton Grant rated it really liked it Shelves: You know from the first page that it's a fairy tale you're reading.

    Her prose is whimsical in tone, lyrical and amusing without being trite and she spins a compelling tale. A sweet, charming story with an HEA that might put a lump in your throat. Jun 25, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: Phillipa needs an out from the marriage shes supposed to agree to, and on her way to freedom she comes across a castle in need of help. While there Wick catches her eye, and hes determined to keep her.. Quick listen, historical romance, smutty fluff and feelings in a great combo. Mar 29, Cathy rated it liked it Shelves: I was pleasantly surprised to see that Wick had gotten his own novella, because I kind of adored him in book I.

    Even if this was only marginally less ridiculous than the first, I'm still glad he got his happy ever after! Mar 19, Liny rated it really liked it. I still love all the stories that i'm reading from Eloisa James. This novella makes no exception. I really like the character of Philippa and Wick. Eventhough we don't really get why he is suddenly changing his mind at the end ; i would have loved to have this story a bit longer so that the characters other than Philippa could be more developped.

    May 24, Julia rated it really liked it. I truly enjoyed Wick and Philippa's story. This story skips some good romance by skipping to the happily ever after and not showing us in any depth how the romance evolves. Feb 16, kris rated it liked it. Miss Phillipa Damson would like to get away. Mostly from her lout of a fiance, but also her abusive dickhead of a father and a town that thinks a 9 year old boy is 'cute' for selecting a younger girl to torment and tease for YEARS until they can be married.

    So she runs to the castle of a Prince and volunteers as nursemaid to the colicky baby. And meets Jonas Berwick, the Prince's bastard brother. This would have been MUCH more palatable without the really gross father and community. Apparently, everyone's legit okay with that kind of weird-ass behavior. Second, the entire dad plot was: In needs of destruction. Phillipa originally runs away because she knows her dad will make her marry Rodney and she does not want to. So she leaves, meets the Werwicks and Falls in Love. Then she needs to run away from that situation so she summons her douche-bag of a father and apologizes to him for causing him strain.

    This is all pretty much standard issue nonsense. And he tells her that she will be marrying Rodney and she can forget the 'butler' and it's very We're told he's autocratic, but she loves her father: AND THEN, it's all handwaved away when Wick shows up on his horse because there's a throwaway line about how her father helped get her where she needed to be. Meanwhile, the romance was fine. The Gabriel-Kate cameo was fine. The writing was fine. I was actually enjoying it! I thought it did an okay job with the space it had to sketch a world, some people, some moonlit conversations, some hot makeouts, and the final fall into love.

    Plus the idea that he can't marry anyone from the servant class because they aren't educated but he can't marry a lady because he's a bastard and I start to think he IS a bastard: Jul 07, Jackie rated it it was ok Shelves: While I enjoyed the first book and the second book in the series I found this novella sort of disappointing.

    Wick, we know from A Kiss at Midnight, but we have no idea who Phillipa really is besides that she is a woman in an unhappy engagement who decides to runaway. One of my main issues was that quite a bit of time is skipped over and never really accounted for. The discussions and internal dialogue readers are shown are quite lame. Another one of my issues was that I really hated how Wick from the moment he sees Phillipa automatically turned his thoughts to marriage. To me this was a complete stretch in his personality. Maybe the author decided to take this route to keep the novella within a certain page limit, but for me it was an injustice to Wick.

    Overall, I expected and wanted more for Wick. My review on the entire Fairy Tale series can be found here: Kate and Gabriel have just had their first child, Jonas. Jonas is unfortunately a sickly baby getting thinner and thinner which has set the castle in a tizzy. Wick has sent away for nursemaids and doctors hoping someone will be able to he My review on the entire Fairy Tale series can be found here: Wick has sent away for nursemaids and doctors hoping someone will be able to help young Jonas through this mysterious illness.

    Phillipa Damson, gentry from a nearby village, answers the call for help to escape her pending marriage to a rather large bottomed idiot whom she's lost her virginity to. She arrives at the castle and is able to diagnose the baby's illness as simple colic. She remains at the castle for the foreseeable future caring for the baby and falling in love with Wick. Wick refuses to begin a relationship with her however due to their differing social statues. It's up to Phillipa to make him realize that love is more important than social rankings.

    Will she be able to convince him? I've loved Wick since first reading about him in A Kiss at Midnight. He always had a great head on his shoulders and his relationship with Gabriel was extremely touching. I have to say that I'm slightly disappointed with his story. Phillipa is a great match for him, but her story is There are lines in the story where she says she can see the love he holds for her in his eyes. He seemed to get shit on simply for having a large bottom and being a bit on the dumb side. If he had mistreated her I could understand her sudden unwillingness to marry him.

    I do hope to see Wick again in the future, as his epilogue made me smile a goofy grin. For a novella I guess I shouldn't be expecting tons of character development. Kimberly Reflections of a Book Addict Feb 01, Shelby rated it liked it Shelves: This falls into the just alright realm. I really enjoyed the first book of the series and this started out with a lot of promise, but it loses something in the shorter format. It never quite lives up to it's potential. Phillipa Damson is part of the gentry and all her life she's been told how lucky she is to be loved by the lord she grew up playing alongside.

    Only she doesn't feel lucky and no one's ever asked her if she wanted to be married to him, they just assumed that would be the case. S This falls into the just alright realm. She can't take it anymore and is determined to run away before the marriage can take place. Finding out the mysterious castle in the area is looking for a new nursemaid for the young prince in residence is just the opportunity she needs.

    After working rounds with her uncle who was a doctor she's sure she can help figure out what's ailing the baby. Wick may be the prince's brother but being born on the wrong side of the blanket has left him thinking his only place is working as the majordomo for his brother's staff. Not that he's ever been treated as less than family, he just knows that the status of his birth will always make him a less desirable mate for a real lady. But this new servant whose come to apply for the nursemaid position sure seems more like a lady than not.


    There could have been a lot of fun and hijinks here with Phillipa pretending to be something she's not to escape, but the story never really goes there. Pretty much from minute one Wick, Kate, and everyone important know that she's not really a servant. Her take charge personality was fun, but I would have enjoyed things a bit more if she was more able to disguise herself to truly achieve her aim.

    The characters were fine, the writing well done, but it never got past ordinary for me. Though the great aunt in the story is definitely a kick in the pants! Love the White Knight saving the princess? This story is for you. He's the bastard brother of Gabriel in the first book of this series. I like Wick and wanted to know what happened to him. This story is more about his future bride than about him. Or should I say, the choices Phillipa makes once she is "ruined". I liked Phillipa because she was a girl who woke and decided to take control of her life.

    She didn't wait for a white knight Love the White Knight saving the princess? She didn't wait for a white knight to come rescue her despite her little girl wishes. She hoped to be whisked away from a dreary life with fat-bottomed Rodney. This was a quick read and all too predictable. Still, it was enjoyable and my need to see Wick all tucked away with his happily ever after was met. I liked this short story better than the first one with Kate and Gabriel. Recommended for historical romance lovers. Feb 08, Gemma rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a nice little follow on to A Kiss at midnight, but it seemed to lack something.

    The story was nice and was great to see Wick get his HEA, but it could have easily been a lot beefier in story. And that's why I couldn't bring myself to give it 5 stars. Shame really as there was a great premise and a lot of potential in doing a full novel on this. Lots of time was skipped over and one minute Phillipa was just at the castle and next she was integrated fully.

    Now to tackle the next one. Nov 25, Manda Collins rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Miss Phillippa Damson is a practical young lady who comes to the castle to offer her skills as a nursemaid to the frazzled Prince and Princess for their sickly newborn. And from the moment he sees her, Wick, the Prince's major domo, who also happens to be his brother, is taken with her.

    But she, like Wick, is not what she seems. Apr 15, Sassafrass rated it liked it Shelves: First, it was too short. I felt like Wick deserved more of a story. Second, Philippa was just no a heroine that I particularly cared for. She was too wishy-washy. I'm glad things worked out in a HEA kind of way but it just wasn't a favorite of mine. I probably will continue with the series though. Sep 27, Jishi rated it really liked it. Sometimes perceived obstacles are all that it seems-- it's how you see it and decide what to do about it. And it takes a certain amount of bravery to risk and overcome such problems.

    This novella reestablished that we make our own happy endings. Fiction makes it look easy and well worth it. Jan 25, Katherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Very sweet fairly tale with a great HEA. Dec 13, Ashley rated it it was amazing Shelves: I needed to read something quick so that I could feel accomplished.