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One of his most salient contributions to science was to construct the first genomic map of the honey bee, which sparked a variety of pioneering contributions not only to insect biology but to genetics at large. Honey Bee Research Facility. My career has been based upon applying this theory to develop and maintaining a population of Carniolan bees, now in their 36th generation.

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Traditional animal breeding models do not apply well to honey bees, Cobey explained. Rob's work in the behavior of social insects and contributions toward mapping the honey bee genomic opened new doors in bee research. A native of Bakersfield, Kern County, Page received his bachelor's degree in entomology, with a minor in chemistry, from San Jose State University in After receiving his doctorate from UC Davis, he began his career at The Ohio State University, in and then returned to Davis in to accept an associate professor position in He served as department chair from to , when he was recruited to be the founding director of the School of Life Sciences of ASU.

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His career advanced to dean of Life Sciences; vice provost and dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; and provost. Cotton Research Station, Leigh researched pest and beneficial arthropod management in cotton fields, and host plant resistance in cotton to insects, mites, nematodes and diseases.

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When his wife, Nina, passed in , the alumni seminar became known as the Thomas and Nina Distinguished Alumni Seminar. So how did a man like Arthur Conan Doyle get drawn into it?

That war saw the brutal, senseless killings of hundreds of thousands, devastating an entire generation of young men in England, France and Germany. And as if that was not enough, the great flu epidemic of killed more than the war itself estimates range from million worldwide.


The flu was particularly deadly for young men and women. In the wake of all this horror, and in an age of growing disbelief in traditional Christianity among European intellectuals, an answer was needed to what Doyle saw as the fundamental question: Doyle became its most prominent and popular advocate. Enter Harry Houdini, the son of a rabbi and perhaps the greatest entertainer of his time. A magician and escape artist, Houdini made clear that his act consisted of physical dexterity, not otherworldly interventions.

Adamson doesn't waste time going over all the same old ground covered in her other books. Often she seems to prefer to try to tame wild animals wherever possible, rather than simply allowing them to get on with their lives without interference. I wonder if she would have enjoyed living in the wild half so much if she hadn't had tame animals for company.

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I don't really understand why she thought she had the right to demolish graves and exhume human remains either. She gives the impression of being a law unto herself.

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