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She will be my jewel in my crown. Everything was done to perfection, everything was captivating, everything was raw. Both Una and Nero were fantastic, strong, complex characters. I loved them individually and I loved them together. Both of their portrayal were stellar, both of them being so captivating and so hypnotic. She was fierce, smart, capable and dangerous and I loved her very much. A killer or not, Una was endearing, a little bit cray-cray and as cold and emotionless as our hero. He oozed power and charisma from the moment he was introduced. Cold and ruthless, he was a dangerous man, a man with no boundaries, smart and cunning who knew what he is and what he wants.

I have to admit that he charmed me from the start with his arrogance and sexiness, because let me tell you, this man was as hot as sin as he was dangerous. These two were insane together, their relationship being so damn explosive. I totally loved them together! The sexual tension between them was fantastic and so intense at times. They were crazy separately and crazy together and dayum, the sex scenes between them were so hot and passionate. The way he wanted her was fantastic.

He was such an alpha male — dominant, demanding, possessive and my, oh my All in all , 'Kill Me' was an awesome read, gripping read filled with pretty much everything that makes a dark read unputdownable — well developed plot and characters, action and suspense and dark elements that will keep your interest from start to finish.

View all 59 comments. I'd stop to chat, but I'm off to bathe in the bloody gore that promises to be book two. View all 18 comments. Well, this book certainly took me by surprise! What I got was so much better! Una and Nero first meet when they work together to complete a job. Una is an assassin - the best of the best. She is feared and respected in the criminal underground. She is a living legend. Unlike Una, Nero is a virtual unknown in the shady underworld they live in.

He's been born and raised in the mafia, Well, this book certainly took me by surprise! He's been born and raised in the mafia, but has always taken a backseat to his brother. That's where Una comes in. All of that is getting ready to change. Nero is determined to rise up, claiming his brother's power and position.

To do that, he needs Una's special skillset. Upon first meeting Nero, Una can tell that he is a man not to be underestimated. His eyes reveal him for the cold, calculating killer that he is. Yet, his touch does something to her that nobody else's ever has. To get Una to agree to work for him, Nero offers her a deal that she cannot refuse. Begrudgingly, Una finds herself at Nero's beckoned call. She knows that he's got all the power in this situation and she has to go along with his plan until a way out is revealed.

Nero insists that Una live with him until all of the hits are complete, which paves the way for some very interesting situations. Before long, they have struck up a kind of friendship and mutual respect. They understand each other like others cannot. This book was dangerous, hot and utterly captivating. Nero and Una are both so ruthless and calculating. Reading their story was like watching 'The Dating Game: They were wicked through and through, but I loved them. If you want a strong female lead who is unapologetically badass, then Una is your girl!

I never knew what she was going to do next. A part of me though I should be appalled, but I wasn't. This story kept me on the edge of my seat, right to the very end. It was action-packed and thrilling. To top it off, there was plenty of romance View all 23 comments. Oct 18, Sabrina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I keep my five star ratings limited so that only the extra special books get that honor. Well Kill Me definitely deserved the 5!

Not only that, the prologue book even got 5 Stars too. And I don't think I've ever rated a novella higher than 4 before. This series and these characters are just that amazing. Una is the Kiss of Death , the assassin no one wants to cross and the one that almost every crime family has ties with. But Nero wants her all to himself and to use her as only he see's fit. She comes with a price though, one Nero has no problem with but one Una knows she should walk away from I really just can't get over how dark and raw this book was.

From the very beginning I was sucked into this world of death and destruction, and I loved every second of it. Nero and Una were crazy characters, yet I loved them and how they never held back. Both of them were more than a little unhinged and had a sinister air around their characters, but I found it hot. Both Nero and Una killed without a blink of an eye, no regrets and no feelings. Their turbulent relationship had me on the edge of my seat, and I was dying to see how these two killers would come together.

I just couldn't get enough of their insanity and call me crazy, but their gritty and hateful fight-sex was a huge turn on! Foreplay for them was death and their sexual tension just about made my Kindle start to steam. I loved how their want for one another was so strong and went against both of their rules, yet they couldn't stop from waning each other. Two merciless killers, a King and a Queen, their worlds shouldn't cross, but when they did the chemistry exploded. Kill Me ends on a cliffhanger and has me still going completely bonkers.

I need more of this murderous couple as soon as possible! I should be afraid of them, but nope all I want is more of Nero and Una and I absolutely need to see how their story is going to play out. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 42 comments. Mar 21, Snow rated it it was amazing Shelves: Moving from assignement to assignement for the highest bidder. I was trained to be impassive, the elite, silent warrior.

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Death is a job, a necessity, we neither like nor dislike it, it just is. But for me, in a world where everything is a map of grey existence, this is my only spike of colour. I continue to survive because I am strong and do what I was trained to do. She hasn't realised yet, I am a motherfucking shark, circling in the dark waters right beneath them all, waiting, biding my time.

He's found her only weakness and he uses that to achieve his goal. She's got nowhere to run but straight to me. I will become her saviour and her nightmare. I'll be whatever the fuck she needs me to be if she plays the role I need her for. A contract that will put them in each other's personal space, testing, teasing with undeniable dark passion, and lethal sparks that makes them one another's liability He's intelligent and a shrewd negotiator, not to mention manipulative, but beneath all the cunning civilities he's feral and blood thirsty the mostt basic of animal qualities.

Power is nothing more than a game of strategy, a chessboard.

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You are my queen, Morte, the most valuable piece on the board. We're fire and gasoline, the perfect combination, the perfect disaster. She's slowly fracturing me, forcing her way inside me until myy very cells are forced to evolve and accomodate her, acclimating to this newfound need. I want something other than just power I want her. Una is my own personal obsession, my weakness and my strength, because together, we're unstoppable despite the futile resistance BUT the events change the course of actions for Una as a high price has been put on her head and she must yet again chose and turn into a weapon, relaying on no one but herself, especially when she's faced with the most challenging and frightening decision in the process.

Thrilling, exciting, dark, passionate, vicious and vile, messy yet absolutely consistent in tone, pace and subject.

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  6. I have indulged my guilty pleasure! View all 22 comments. I fucking loved this book! Ela sabe, eles sabem, todos sabem. Uma assassina contratada temida e respeitada por muitos. Eu sinceramente achei ele o par perfeito pra Una.

    Um homem que exala poder e autoridade. Ver a constante batalha de um querendo subjulgar o outro foi tanto fascinante quanto assustador. Certamente um casal interessante, peculiar, impressionante e enlouquecedor!!

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    A escrita e narrativa permaneceram da mesma forma: So let them come. View all 10 comments. Oct 24, Natalie The Biblioholic rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've said it before and I'll say it again This book will take you on a thrill ride of an adventure. It is edge-of-your-seat fantastic! There's action, suspense, a pseudo-romance, mafias out the yingyang, and crazy intense chemistry between the main characters. This author's books always pack a punch and this one was no exception.

    This story had no "good guy" to be seen. Una was a Russian badass. Her coldnes I've said it before and I'll say it again Her coldness was a little annoying at first, but it completely jived with her character's background. It wasn't pretty, but it made her into a top-notch assassin. Nero was so hot. I can't even explain how incredibly hot his character was. He was a criminal extraordinaire just made him hotter and he made war, not peace. Somehow, these two fed off each other and it worked.

    I NEED to know what happens next. January can't come soon enough!!

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