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But when Patrick and his computer-savvy neighbor decide to give Dr.

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The script had scenes in both Manhattan and Queens. It was a little daunting, but Sam is a great guy and so relaxed around the set he makes the job easy.

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Griffin did a fine job of making the entire pace of this film work. Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall: She Thurman does manage to generate some spiky chemistry with Morgan, which is all that sustains the film, really.

An enraged Patrick subsequently vows to give Dr Emma a taste of the misery she has just dispensed. Although Emma, too, is engaged, he allows the computer-hacker son of his landlord to tinker with the on-line marriage licence documents so that it appears that she is already married — to him.

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  • As Emma sets forth to remedy the confusion she finds herself falling for Patrick, who draws her into a down-to-earth world of blue-collar bars and neighbourly parties. Thurman doesn't quite convince in this role: The film is built on the conceit that women find firemen irresistibly sexy, and thus there is great emphasis on Patrick's profession and earthy passions.

    The Accidental Husband, review: 'a film to turn your heart to stone'

    He's forever sailing around atop his fire truck, or performing burly, masterful embraces, and we even get a brief glimpse of his tattoo, like a teasing peep of a Victorian lady's stocking. None of it works: Despite the tattoo, Patrick has been assiduously neutered of any dangerous sexual edge. He has two facial expressions: Next to Colin Firth's Richard, however, Patrick is a maelstrom of intense feeling.

    That description drifted into my head every time I glimpsed the endlessly obliging Richard, until by the end of the film he is not only boneless, but positively liquefied. Sadly, I myself was travelling in the opposite direction: